Spanish woman explains her fascinating tale of visiting Pakistan

Clara Arrighi, a Spanish woman recently visited Pakistan even though she did not want to. Her views before and after visiting the country had a 360 degree change. Before visiting Pakistan, she stated in her Facebook post: “When I was told I was going to Pakistan I started to think about all the reasons not to go, how to convince my office not to send me. I did not want

Vendors use Civil Aviation Authority documents to sell fries

Key documents of Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are being used by local vendors to sell fries and bread. Apparently, it appears as if CAA has decided to sell off its classified documents to street hawkers. The idea should have been to dispose the papers in a suitable and safe manner. Several vendors and kiosks in and around the airport region in Karachi are found to sell fries, breads and

Your Guide to a Fab Pakistani Summer

If the temperature is any indication, summer is upon us. If you are feeling a little lost after all those Iftar parties and Eid festivities, and do not know what to do with your life anymore, you have come to the right place. Behold: a list of things to do to make your summer feel less redundant and more productive. Watch something No, not a masala flick at the cinema

Indian car exports alone is four times the size of Pakistan’s total car production

With massive influx of imported cars, dumping of second hand cars and lower safety standards in the country, Pakistan’s total car production numbers have proven to be embarrassing recently. The statistics released by Pakistan’s Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) reveal that country’s total car production, when compared with the same statistics of India highlight that car exports alone in India are more than four times the size of total cars produced

Edhi: The Man Who Keeps on Giving

Think of the words “Philanthropy” and “Social work”, and the first agents of change to come to mind are NGOs, smiling photo ops and foreign aid. Yet it was these very things that Abdul Sattar Edhi shunned in the pursuit of his humanitarian service to mankind. Edhi lamented the money wasted in paper pushing and air conditioning high rise offices of NGOs, shied away from glitzy events and publicity, and

Forget literacy, education is need of the time

There was chaos in the air. Shrill voices and displeasing exchange of words were tearing through my ear drum, before I could make my way to reach Masjid Al Haram’s women section after performing ablution in an underground washing area. I witnessed a roving herd of savages in the middle of the holy city of Makkah, I was almost in a state of unspeakable awe at the sight of my

The fiasco face of Kashmir Struggle

The streets which saw the desolation for more than three days witnessed an awful response from its own people. The tragedy which unfortunately took more than 5 lives in a week took a ghastly change when people came out on streets passing the slogans on each other praising the collaborator. The trauma was not yet came to end when people hailed the efforts of one collaborator who had served in

There will be a huge new ‘Panama Papers’ data dump

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is about to unleash a huge data dump about how some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people hide their cash. The group has already released a host of information regarding how major figures in politics and business store their wealth in tax havens. On Wednesday the ICIJ said in an email that on May 9 it would “publish what will likely be

India’s Loss is Kashmir’s Win

Cricket is a game and is being enjoyed across the globe when it comes to world cup. This year after the Asia cup, the world t-20 started but it didn’t carried happiness for the Asian teams. Before the start of final match all the teams of Asia disqualified and people were disappointed from the said performance of Asian countries. The defeat of India by the hands of West Indies brought