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Peshawar is set to welcome a new food street by the end of 2016

The rage of food streets is here to continue as Peshawar is ready to welcome a new food street by the end of 2016 at its popular Hayatabad town. Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) has requested interested bidders to submit their applications for open bidding. The bidding will take place for various food outlets which will open for public once the street is operational. The overall design of the street will

Say NO to lawn brands; Women unite against price hikes

When the holy month of Ramadan approaches especially in our part of the world, the prices of commodities shoot up and it nearly touches the sky with the entire hike in the price. It makes life extremely difficult for people who are on daily wages to make ends meet. While western countries offer sale on the merchandises in the month of Ramadan, Pakistan doubles the prices as most of vendors

foodpanda Introduces 100+ Ramadan deals for Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad

Offering discounts up to 50% on top restaurants foodpanda has taken an initiative to let you make the most out of this Ramadan. In a month long campaign, foodpanda has introduced 100+ deals and discounts for the first time. People all over Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi can plan their Sehri and Iftaar meals with a wide range of deals offered on top restaurants partnered up with foodpanda to serve

Ramadan will have 8 hours of Loadshedding with respite during Sehar and Iftar

The holy month of Ramadan is just few days away and a bombshell has already been dropped on the people of Pakistan with the latest announcement of 8 hours load-shedding in the country. It is expected that the temperature during entire summer in June and July is going to be somewhere between 38 to 48 Degree Centigrade in the extreme regions. On Tuesday, Parliamentary Committee was informed by the Secretary

The hottest flavor of the summer reaches Lahore

Are you bored of the same food over and again? Do you want variation in your food? Do you want your taste buds to try something innovative and different? Are you up for a change? Are you a foodie? Are you looking for a food revolution? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then congratulations. Your prayer has been answered. LAHORE, get yourself prepared and geared up for

Pepsi introduces Emojis (feelings) with a little soda

They say, smile is the universal language. Well, Emojis aren’t behind either. When you fail to express your feelings, emojis are very much there to help you out. There was a guy who was too shy to express his hidden feelings to his loved one. One day, a brand helped him to communicate the message across with the help of emojis. Incredibly, he voiced his proposal via emojis without the

Celebrate Your Love for Food with 7Up Asal Foodie

The fact that Pakistan is a country of food lovers is a foregone conclusion. Our culture is rich with wafting aromas of spices and other ingredients cooked with as much love as it is cooked with precision. The country is replete with dishes that are pride of the given region. So much so that some of the places have become synonymous with the particular dish. Whether it is Pashtun’s famous

Major Hajj Disasters Over the Years

This year’s Hajj has seen one of the worst tragedies to ever hit the annual congregation that we Muslims make. First, there was the crane incident, where a construction crane collapsed on praying Muslims in the Grand mosque itself, killing around a 100 people and injuring many more. Then there was the horrendous stampede at Mina, just meters away from the Jamarat, where pilgrims throw stones in remembrance of Prophet

Pepsi Sparks Hunger Pangs with its Exciting New Campaign

Say goodbye to boring drab meal times, for Pepsi is here to add zing to your not-so-exciting chow into something totally awesome. The global soft drink conglomerate has always been synonymous with great food that goes hand in hand with its drinks and great times with family and friends. Keeping with the tradition of adding spark and excitement to every meal, the new TV commercial campaign whips up appetites with

#JeenayKaMaza with Kashmir at Masala Family Festival

Last weekend, the roads to expo were jam packed and everybody was going in the same direction. No, this wasn’t one of those exclusive fashion centric events, this crowd was for the new favorite: Masala Family Festival. The festival entertained hundreds of families and food enthusiasts from across the city. The highlight however was one food specialist brand. Kashmir Banaspati is no stranger to all our home chefs. All the