Three Pakistanis Click at the Sony World Photography Awards

Pakistani talent has been hogging the limelight these past few months in various fields ranging from science to film making. This past week has similar news hitting the headlines from the realms of photography. Three Pakistani photographers have been shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards. The Sony World Photography Awards are the world’s biggest photography competition. Organized by the World Photography Organization, being shortlisted for this competition is a

16 signs you’re doing Eid right

1. Day off! Read: week off!  2. Your outfit of the day is on point 3. You extract cash for simply existing Seriously, bring out the dough. 4. And some of that dough goes to charity too Time to do good unto the universe! 5. All diet plans go out the window 6. And the menu is limited to the good stuff 7. It’s diabetes galore But does it matter? 8.

You know it’s Ramazan when…

1. You mentally claim half the food on the table And then get mad when someone steals the last of your paneer pakoras. 2. Gluttony you say? But can you really blame me? 3. You also remember to stuff yourself at Sehri And drink enough water to house a couple of fish. 4. While everyone around you is suddenly a dietary expert Magical thirst-preventing yogurt and filling fiber! Should I be writing these

28 Symbols of Pakistan

1. National Flag 2. National Language Urdu. 3. National Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 4. State Emblem 5. State Religion  Islam. 6. National Mausoleum Mazar-e-Quaid. 7. National Sport Field Hockey. 8. National Mosque Faisal Mosque. 9. National Fruit Mango. 10. National Colors White & Green. 11. National Airline PIA. 12. National Currency Pakistani Rupee. 13. National Motto 14. National Vegetable Lady Finger. 15. National Anthem   16. National River  River Indus.