Great Indian Fallacy

For its immediate neighbours India is not as shinning as it is to the world. It is vicious, expansionist and nothing less than a fascist Mussolini Italian state or a Hitler’s Nazi Germany, with only slight difference of having policies complemented by an ambitiously and tactfully driven international diplomacy.  India’s highly magnified bitterness towards Pakistan may not be enough to define that country’s neighbourhood relations as it is encircled by

India Beats Pakistan in Cricket World Cup Semifinals

India’s 260 for nine beat Pakistan’s 231 by 29 runs in the semifinal in Mohali. India’s batting was lackluster, but enough to defeat Pak. On-field performance by India was much more impressive. The field demonstration lived-up to the pre-match hype that called this the “Match of the Decade.” Not all fans agree. Spectator TRAM commented, “Fielding needs to be good (for both teams) to make a high quality cricket. Today,

Mother of all Matches: Pakistan vs India, World Cup 2011

Odds may be against Pakistan, but the country is siding with their team for the “Mother of all Matches” today. Pakistan will be squaring up with India for the ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final. Winner will be facing Sri Lanka on Saturday that will take place in Mumbai. More Than a Game? Credit: Even those who don’t usually pay much attention to the sport have taken notice of the

Match Review: India v Pakistan, World Cup 2011, Mohali

With ICC Cricket World Cup Semi Finals just hours away, fans are getting anxious. India and Pakistan will face each other on the 30th. The match is being called the “Mother of all contests.” In the Stands Pakistan’s PM, Yousaf Gilani Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has invited Pakistan’s Prime Minister. The invitation was accepted by Yousuf Gilani. Perhaps cricket will again serve as a tool for diplomacy. About 6000

2nd Quarter Final: India vs. Australia

Yuvraj Singh’s trademark punched drives, ferocious pulls, and some touch play to work the ball around India eases its way into the semi-finals. Singh takes credit for blasting a fifty and picking up two wickets. Australia, a three time consecutive world champion and India’s heartbreaker from 2003, will have to fly back home – defeated. On April 2nd the new Cricket World Champion will be named at the Wankhede Stadium

Cricket Update: Pakistan through to the Semis

Congratulations to Pakistan and fans of the Spinners – worldwide! Pakistan will be facing either India or Aussies in India for the Semi Finals. Pakistan is just two games away from winning the ICC Cricket World Cup! Read on to find out how it happened. The last time Windies were in Dhaka, their on-field performance was poor. Bangladesh left them in barely 30 overs of one-sided action. As the West

1st First-Quarter: Fingers Crossed for Pakistan

Not that I’m superstitious… The exciting 2011 World Cup continues today as Pakistan battles West Indies in the First-Quarter Final.  This will be a moment of redemption for Pakistan, which has not qualified for this stage of the game since 1999 after they beat Australia and dominated in league games.  Although Australia has remained unbeaten for the past 12 years, Pakistan gained victory over them once again. Between Pakistan and