Asim Butt – Talent Gone Too Early

Asim Butt goes down in history as one of those artists whose work lives on stronger after his death. A well known artist in Karachi and beyond, his work was aimed at showing the underdogs of society, providing a glimpse into the world which many privileged people fail to see. He started the Karachi branch of the Stuckism International art movement, promoting figurative paintings in opposition to conceptual art. Early

Theatre: An Emerging Art Form

To trace the trajectory of art, theatre to be precise, in Pakistan it is easy to see that the phenomenon emerged from two sources. The first source remains the streets whilst the second is organized formal educational institutions. Theatre was erected as a means of asserting one’s freedom of expression in the face of staunch political regimes and was also an excellent form of entertainment for the masses. The elitist

Notable Art Galleries in Pakistan

The cultural heritage of Pakistan is a rich and notable one especially in the area of the arts. From the rich history of the Mughal-era paintings and other modern forms of art, creativity continues to blossom in the country. There are far more artists than galleries and those with a true passion for art have created stunning environments to view the artistic beauty provided by Pakistani’s. Karachi Chawkandi Art: Successfully