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Markhor: Pakistani Products, International Markets

Don’t we all love stories of underdogs who overcome enormous odds, rise up the ranks and make it big? That is exactly what the founders of Markhor did.  They identified an opportunity in a small town of Pakistan, exploited it and presented an awesome product to the world. Previously known as Hometown shoes, Markhor sells products made in Pakistan, around the globe. Markhor is a subsidiary of Hometown Shoes and while the

It Pays to Pay Your Taxes in Pakistan….Really?

I recently came across a piece of news that our government is rewarding the tax payers. Great, isn’t it?! But when I went through the details, I wasn’t so sure about the virtues of this move. According to the news, the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) identified 400 top tax payers and the prime minister announced rewards for them in the form of a privilege and honor card that carries several

The Most Important Country in the FIFA World Cup 2014 – Pakistan

From 32 teams to 16 teams. From 16 to 8. From 8 to just 4 and then to the final two: Argentina and Germany. And the winner of the FIFA world cup 2014 is… Pakistan!! Well isn’t it obvious that when Argentina and Germany played on July 13th 2014 we won? Let me explain. As almost every Pakistani knows by now, Pakistan is the proud manufacturer of the football used in