Is The Iran-India Bonhomie Over?

During a routine meeting with President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet members last week, Iran’s Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei (“Imam Khamenei”) urged the Indian government to “adopt a just policy towards the noble people of Kashmir and refrain from oppressing and bullying the Muslim people” in this region. These statements have officially clarified how Tehran views New Delhi’s unilateral adventurism in the region. Not only has the eerie

Chinese Company to pick up garbage in Karachi

The citizens of Karachi can anticipate a cleaner city and get rid of some of the garbage lying openly on the streets as Sindh government has finally taken an initiative to fix this issue. The provincial government has signed a contract with a Chinese company to collect solid waste from the city. The largest metropolitan has been haunted by excessive waste which has been contaminating the city for many years.

Amnesty International declares Pakistan as the third largest host for refugees

According to a report released by Amnesty International, Pakistan is declared as third largest host for refugees in the world. The top refugee hosting country is Jordan with over 2.7 million refugees followed by Turkey with 2.5 million refugees. Pakistan managed to grab third position in the world as it is home to over 1.6 million refugees. The London-based human rights body stated that 10 countries (Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon,

Pakistan Air Force is set to take part in US drill alongside UAE, Israel jets

The Pakistan Air Force is set to participate in an extensive aerial exercise in the United States later this month. According to the reports, teams from United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel air forces will also be taking part in the Red Flag air-to-air combat exercise in Nevada. The Aviationist, website devoted to reports on military aviation, stated that 6 Pakistani combat jets had already arrived in US. Moreover, it

Pakistani activist Jibran Nasir’s campaign for Kashmiris goes viral

For the past few weeks, Indian held Kashmir is entangled in a profound state of war. Following the death of Kashmiri rebel leader, Burhan Wani on 8th July 2016, around 50 civilians have been killed. Subsequently, the world doesn’t know about it. Amid all this, Pakistani social activist Muhammed Jibran Nasir has created one powerful campaign for Kashmiris that has taken the Internet world by storm. The notion of the social

Oxfam International declares Pakistan as one of the world’s largest hosts for refugees

According to a report by Oxfam International, Pakistan has been declared as one of the largest hosts for refugees in the world despite limited resources. An investigation was conducted by the agency which stated on Tuesday more than 50% of the world’s refugees and asylum seekers are hosted by Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey and held Palestine. The listed countries account for less than 2% of the world’s economy

Turkey’s Night of Chaos

It has been a rough week. The world had barely recovered from Thursday’s attack in Nice, France, and the escalating violence in Kashmir and South Sudan when news of a coup in Turkey started doing the rounds on social media on Friday. Details were sparse and sporadic, as army personnel reportedly took TV channels such as CNN Turk and TRT off-air. There were reports of Istanbul’s main airport being closed

Chinese halal food market opening its doors for Pakistan

In their efforts to foster their trade agreements with many South Asian countries Chinese officials recently announced a lucrative opportunity for many Asian economies to boost their exports to China. Being one the largest consumer markets in the world; China offers tremendous gateways as it has huge local demand which cannot be met with domestic production. Ye Anping, Director for Asia and African Affairs, Department of International, Ministry of Agriculuture,

Supreme Court sought Pemra, PTA answers over indecent content on TV Channels

Gone are the days when a family could enjoy a TV serial or any talk-show on Pakistani TV channels due to several reasons. One of the major reasons is obscene, abhorrent content and indecent, foul language that is being aired constantly of late. The Supreme Court of Pakistan sought comprehensive and detailed replies from Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) over airing indecent, inappropriate and objectionable

After 4,600 years, we can finally see deep inside Egypt’s mysterious pyramids

You may have wondered what the inside of a pyramid looks like. Not the cavities and passages you see on “The Mummy” — the actual structure of the creation, how it was built to last all these years. The pyramids of ancient Egypt are about 4,500 years old. They have stood the test of time, great monuments on the landscape. Dusty gold and majestic. Now we can learn a little