From Stigma to Solution: Mental Health Awareness in Pakistani Communities

There is a mental health awareness and advocacy movement going on in Pakistan and it is not a moment too soon.  According to experts more than 20 million Pakistanis suffer from some form of mental health trauma or disorder which rounds up to 10 percent of the country’s total population. Society’s tendency to avoid dialogue about mental health will no longer suffice. The hard questions are being asked. The idea behind the

Do We Need 8 Hours of Sleep Daily?

Just writing about sleep is making me sleepy! Something I believe I am excessively deprived of. Quality sleep today has become a luxury most of us can’t afford. People in my friends and family circle regularly come back from work at around 8:30 pm. And after quality time with their families go to sleep around 1:00 am. In Karachi at least, the general public goes to sleep at around 1:00

Travel Restrictions on Pakistanis’

On April 28th 2014 WHO emergency committee met with officials from various countries with polio virus endemic and it came to the conclusion that Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon are causing the spread of wild polio virus strain. The other countries while being affected are not causing the spread. On 5th May Pakistan was slapped with travel restrictions. Mostly children get affected by polio virus while adults are the carriers. The

Polio Plight in PAKISTAN

The recent polio epidemic in Pakistan is not curtailed as yet. As of 2013, polio remains endemic in only three countries, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. India only acquired the status of polio free country three years ago. China eradicated this menace a decade ago, but there was a confirmed outbreak in September, 2011. Since Pakistan shares borders with China, Afghanistan and India; it has proved difficult to confine the transmission

Dr. Rizvi: Saving Lives, One Patient at a Time

The people who most need medical attention in Pakistan are usually those who can’t afford to seek it. Kidney related diseases and urinary tract infections are the result of contaminated water and unsanitary living conditions, which means that the poor strata of society are most commonly affected. In stark contrast, the treatments are very expensive and require high-tech facilities and expert handling. The life-long dialysis treatments for one person can

Best Brain Foods For Improving Brain Functionality

It’s not a myth that a healthy brain is the foremost requirement of a healthy body. The food that we take directly affects our brain function. Similarly, cognitive function, clarity, concentration and acuity can be stimulated and acquired by eating the right kind of food. A diet high in saturated fats can cause damage to neurons and intercept acquisition skills. We have compiled a list of some of the best

Are Pakistanis Really That Fat?

Oh yes we are!!! According to a new international study. There are not a lot of studies that cover Pakistan unless they are related to poverty or terrorism or women’s rights. However, recently a very interesting study with a slightly different focus was conducted which also included Pakistan. It was a study on obesity. This the Global Burden of Disease Study, which covered 188 countries, was carried out by and published

The Latest Benefit of Fasting: Stem Cell Regeneration!

Have you ever thought what a blessing it is to be born Muslim? We have literally inherited Islam; The true religion and the path to salvation. ‘But what does that have to do with stem cells?’ you may ask. Well, as Muslims we are required to fast for one month each year in the month of Ramadan and a recent study has found an amazing new benefit to fasting! The

Pakistan and its Polio Problem

Today Pakistan is faced with many challenges. One of these challenges is the un-inhibited spread of Polio in the country. By the end of May 2014, the number of cases of Polio in Pakistan reached approximately 60. Due to this the World Health Organization (WHO) slapped a six month international travel restriction on Pakistanis so as to prevent a possible worldwide spread of the polio. In these circumstances the government

Healing the Nation

Despite being nowhere near achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the Healthcare sector of Pakistan has come a long way from having a negligible existence to one with an appreciable degree of success in improving and advancing public health. Government hospitals in Pakistan are notorious for negligence and poor hygienic conditions but the fact remains that they are equipped with more advanced modern facilities and better qualified doctors than the private