Coke Studio launches an initiative for deaf community

Coke Studio is not just another musical platform in Pakistan. The music venture began in 2008 and under the backing of Coca Cola. It has tremendous following within the country and even across the border in India. Ahead of their 9th season, Coke Studio is partnered with Deaf Reach program to create history. The new initiative is titled ‘Coke Studio for the deaf.’ The makers are trying to reach out

Pakistani Art Adorns New Coldplay Video!

Before I go any further, I know there are people out there who are diehard fans of Coldplay and then there are those that are not so fond of their music. I respect both views which is why this post is not about their music, it’s about promoting our local talent! Let me explain… Just a few days ago Coldplay, the British band, released a video for their new single

Tajdar-e-Haram, Atif vs. Sabri… And the winner is…

Coke studio 8 is garnering rave reviews and – as is the norm – lighting up some controversies on the way. The two most notable being the Tajdar-e-haram, old vs. new debate; and the Umair Jaiswal’s rock star moves. Today I am going to pen down my two cents on the Tajdar-e-haram debate. A lot has already been said on this already with people comparing the Sabri brothers 70’s version

Did Mathira Actually Dare to Sing Dil Dil Pakistan?

“Mathira is a Pakistani model, singer and actress. She has hosted several television shows and appeared in music videos. She is known for her Item songs in Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and the Indian Punjabi film Young Malang.” This is how Mathira is summed up by Wikipedia. This short description however, in no way reflects the reality of the woman we all know as Mathira. Yes, she is a model,