The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government has decided to introduce energy efficient and carbon-neutral solar and electric rickshaws across Peshawar. The concept of launching these rickshaws on the roads is to shrink the increasing environmental pollution.

KPK transport department secretary, Hamid Gigyani stated that the government is targeting to reduce the menace of pollution. While talking to a private news channel, he also stated Peshawar is densely polluted and that is one of the primary reasons KPK government is initiating solar and electric rickshaws across the province, mainly in the capital city Peshawar.

Hamid Gigyani was also of the view that the rickshaws would be climate friendly besides being economical in price. He stated that:

“It will be totally noiseless while its speed will be good as well”

Numbers of proposals have been received already

The process to execute this idea is in the development phase. According to Hamid Gigyani, number of companies have already approached and submitted their proposals to KPK transport department.

Offerors have presented their models along with estimated prices of the rickshaws for the assessment and approval of their proposals.

Projected price

The secretary informed while talking to the media that solar and electric rickshaws would be economical. The predicted price of these rickshaws would be around Rs. 200,000/-.

These noiseless rickshaws would be a great addition as soon as they will be seen on the roads of Peshawar.

Noise pollution survey of Peshawar

A noise pollution survey was conducted at the main traffic junctions of Peshawar. It was observed that the average noise level in Peshawar city is in range of 90dB – 100dB as compared to the WHO limits of 85 dB (decibel). The main sources that contribute are the pressure horns and the defective silencers of the two-stroke auto rickshaws.

Source: nation/ image credit: dawn