Pakistan is blessed with enormous talent. There is no second thought about it. Plenty of young individuals in the country are committed to bring laurels by doing something extraordinary in relevant fields. Amid all this, a Lahore-based talented Pakistani Syed Basit Ali has stunned the world by mimicking everyone in a video message.

Two days ago, Daily Pakistan conducted a live session with the gifted individual on their Facebook page. The representative of widely circulated newspaper interviewed Syed Basit Ali who later impersonated the likes of Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, Shoaib Akhtar, Shahrukh Khan.

According to the bright star, he could mimic as many as 120 personalities. He was also carrying a list of celebrities who he could mimic without any trouble. The list included names from various fields like journalism, politics, sports, showbiz etc.

One of the remarkable aspects was that Basit Ali was able to take the request from his fans. He was able to imitate the said request without any practice. In addition, the lad is way too humorous and you would definitely notice that element in the video.

Following is the video that has already been viewed by 680K individuals on Facebook with 50K likes and 22k comments and shares each:


Syed Basit Ali and his message

Basit Ali hails from Lahore. 20-year old talented Pakistani is currently enrolled in Punjab College where he is pursuing BS (Hons) in Mass Communication.

Syed Basit Ali said that he has already done plenty of shows on micro level with few channels. He further stated:

“One of my programs is going to be on-aired very soon and God-willing it will be liked by everyone in Pakistan”

When asked if he has any message for the viewers, he commented:

“My message is do whatever you like. Back your talent to the fullest. After identifying this talent within me, my family enrolled me in Mass Communication program. If you are talented, even God will help you in your future endeavors”

In your honest opinion, who did Syed Basit Ali emulate to the perfection?