The following is a concise English translation of excerpts from a book titled ‘Seerat-Un-Nabi (SAW) Baad Az Wisaal-Un-Nabi SAW – Part 7′ authored by Abdul Majeed Siddiqui.

A few days after the creation of Pakistan, Syed Safdar Ali Ahmed saw a dream in which an innocent boy named ‘Pakistan’ is standing in a saint’s presence wearing shiny white clothes. He continued narrating his dream: “It came to my knowledge that the saint was Khizr (The Guide), who was giving useful advice to the child. I was standing near them but couldn’t hear a word, though I could see their lips moving. Khizr then looked at me and advised, ‘Wherever Pakistan keeps going, go with him’. As he finished saying this, he started vanishing into thin air.

I looked up to see the both us (me and Pakistan) standing in a horrifying, dense jungle. Mighty mountains, peaks and deep pits surrounded us on all sides. There was no road in sight. When Pakistan started walking, a wide and firm road began constructing itself. It was as if the road was rolling itself out with each step that Pakistan took. Then I saw Pakistan moving forward with the speed of a fast car and the jungle, mountains and pits were left behind in a short while. After crossing a considerable amount of distance, we reached a large, open field and noticed the Prophet’s Tomb (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) in front of us. It was red in color, not green; perhaps because in those days, the blood of Muslims was being spilt like water in India. Then I noticed a huge river flowing between us and the Prophet’s Tomb which was spectacularly flooded and waves were lashing up and down like small mountains. I came to know that the Prophet’s Tomb was our destination and that we were supposed to mark our attendance there. I told Pakistan that I am not a swimmer, I will drown immediately if I enter the river. Pakistan told me that he will reach the destination at any cost. After this, he did his ablution and jumped into the river. The tall waves would sometimes carry him upwards and then throw him back down, but he kept swimming towards the Prophet’s Tomb; so much so that he disappeared out of my sight.

I turned around and noticed a group of Allah’s Friends (saints) immersed in His praises. One of those Friends of Allah called out my name and said: ‘Shall we share some wonderful news with you?’ When I expressed my interest in listening to what he had to say, he continued: ‘Your companion Pakistan has reached the Prophet’s Court safe and sound. He (Pakistan) was a bit upset but the Holy Prophet (PBUH) put his comforting hands on his back after which all his miseries went away and he became happy’. I felt extremely overjoyed on hearing this. I sighed, wishing I could get the same honor of witnessing the Prophet’s blessed sight. As I proceeded forward, I saw a large village. When I crossed its wide alleys, I noticed another vast, green field on which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was standing, dressed in extremely white clothes. The Sun was glowing in his blessed right hand which he had raised upwards; Pakistan was standing in front of him with his hands folded together. I joined Pakistan is enjoying this marvelous, sacred sight.

I narrated this dream of mine to a saint. He commented, ‘I did istikhara (seeking a message of goodness or a sign from Allah) so I saw a time in the future in which Pakistan’s territories will greatly expand; it will become the most powerful nation and a system based on Khilafat-e-Rashida (Rightly-Guided Caliphate) will be established that will provide justice to all.”

Mian Abdur Rasheed Shaheed recounted this dream in detail in his two-part column titled ‘Noor-e-Baseerat’ for Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper on February 8 and 9, 1980.

During the creation of Pakistan, Abdul Hafeez Shirazi was a military officer in Pune, India. After the creation of Pakistan, like many other mohajirs (migrants), he too faced a lot of troubles and miseries; eventually, he became severely opposed to Pakistan and vowed to do whatever he could to destroy it. When he reached Pakistan, one night he saw this dream (narrated in his own words):

“It was a military surrounding, someone told me that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has arrived; I presented myself in the Holy Prophet’s blessed presence and said, ‘O Prophet of Allah (PBUH)! We have been ruined because of this Pakistan’s creation!’. On hearing this, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied: ‘Abdul Hafeez! This country came into being through my dua (prayer) and Allah Almighty’s order and I have given its command to Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi; this country will remain till the Day of Judgment and whoever tries to destroy it will die a dog’s death, such a fate has been destined for them. And whatever troubles you have faced, Allah Almighty will give you a better recompense for them all”(Reference: ‘Mubasharaat-e-Pakistan’ by Alhaaj Zahoor-ul-Hassan Qadri, pg 72).