I recently did a post titled National Monuments of Pakistan. Today I am going to feature some other monuments from Pakistan.

Each country has it’s beautiful monuments and structures that reflect its history and development over the years. Pakistan is one of those few lucky countries where every mosque is a true piece of art worth admiration. With lots of beautiful forts and spectacular gardens, Pakistan is a dream for lots of tourists from all over the world.

This post features the second set of breathtaking Pakistan monuments worth visiting. Enjoy another collection of Pakistan Mosques and Forts with Insider.pk and share this amazing country’s sights with the the rest of the world!

Shish Mahal

Photo by fabhatti

Photo by manalahmadkhan

Photo by debasis adhikary

Photo by zishsheikh

Faisal Mosque

Photo by schaazzz

Photo by AamerJaved

Photo by Abeer J. Chaudhri

Royal fort Lahore

Photo by NotMicroButSoft

Photo by A | M

Photo by KNizam Artwerk

Bhong mosque

Photo by Qaiser Raja Ghaffar

Photo by BulleTTT

Photo by Raja Islam

Chaukundi tombs

Photo by yaver999

Photo by dead end doll

Photo by dead end doll


Photo by fezaizm

Photo by bennylin0724

Mohatta Palace

Photo by Chandana_Li


Photo by Tayyab Mir

Rohtas Fort

Photo by NotMicroButSoft

Photo by Ali Bin Shahid

Photo by Ali Bin Shahid

Mahabat Khan Mosque

Photo by yun9lee

Photo by Chiels

Photo by dibopics

Attock Fort

Photo by ortho158