The government of Pakistan is thinking about using armed drones to ensure the security of China-Pakistan Economic Project (CPEC). According to the reports, usage of drones will help in safeguarding CPEC from any potential threat.

The viewpoint of the government is that unmanned (remote controlled) aircrafts will be used to secure different routes. According to the official of the government, the aircrafts will also be utilized in protect railway tracks and gas pipelines which are under construction along with the cooperation of China as part of CPEC.

The drone will prove to be a fitting weapon to combat any terror attack in lesser time.

Safety of workers including Chinese is essential

CPEC is a project of US 46 billion dollars. As many as 8,000 Chinese workers are currently employed in Pakistan. They are working under at least 210 different projects. Around 8,000 military personnel along with 500 Special Services Group (SSG) commandos and paramilitary troops are assigned to perform duties at different CPEC projects.

In addition, 7,000 Chinese workers are also expected to reach Pakistan as soon as construction of other CPEC projects start. Therefore, the security of Chinese and local workers along with the safety of CPEC holds extreme significance.

As per the reports, a conference regarding CPEC is scheduled to be organized in Islamabad’s Expo Center on 29th August.

Recently, the president of Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI), Shah Faisal Afridi has requested the media to play an active and positive role in emphasizing the importance of CPEC. Furthermore, the project will enable Pakistan to become the Gateway for South Asia. Additionally, real estate and employment will be benefitted in Pakistan under CPEC.

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Source: Pakistan Today / image: airforce-technology