There has been a power shift globally due to some major changes in the strategic strengths of many Asian economies spanning across Asia, United States, and Russia. There has been a lot of hue and cry regarding the recent involvement of Pakistan and China with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) being an enabling factor to boost strong alliance between the two.

In the recent meeting addressing the ruling elite of Pakistan, Lt. Gen. (Retd) Nasser Khan Janjua, being the National Security Advisor stressed that Pakistan provided a great opportunity to become a gateway for Central Asia. It is said that its benefits of this project will span across many countries which share boundaries with Pakistan and China.

While addressing a meeting in Islamabad, based on the senior members of the Supreme Central Committee, Nasser Khan said, Pakistan offers great opportunity to many countries as it is going to become a gateway for the Central Asia and ultimately to Russia through this mega project.

This grand meeting was attended by many intellectuals, bureaucrats, economic connoisseurs, former ambassadors, and many other secretaries. Being the chief guest of the event, he mentioned that although there are numerous opportunities but some great challenges are also lingering for financial gurus to cater to. With China on its way to become the leading economy of the world, many western economies are not comfortable with this idea and are trying to create allies which can counter this rising power.

The western economies are pushing two political ideologies; first to refrain China from being the super power of the world and also to prevent Russia from being as another major power.

These trends would also affect Pakistan as many economies which are currently favoring United States know this for a fact that their economy is already saturated. Thus, US has all its hopes towards India to become another major emerging economy in its efforts to curtail China to lead the economic paradigm.

CPEC has triggered the hopes of both these countries, Pakistan and China, as this mega project worth USD 46 billion will aid this region to become a trade corridor. Therefore, providing a path for many other economies to prosper simultaneously.

Expressing his views at the event, Chairman 101 Friends of China, announced that the Secretariat of other the intellectual pool is ready to start its projects in many other cities and towns of Pakistan. He also stated:

“Even small villages in distant areas would have these chapters”

Adding further, he announced the launch of enrollment of 100,000 its members and the target of membership for the year 2016.

There were serious concerns were highlighted in this event, regarding rising tension in Southern China and leading to alarming military escalation in the region.

Pakistan is showing strong bond with China but it also stressed that business would be conducted according to Permanent Court of Arbitration and within its boundaries. This trade corridor would not be used to fuel tensions in the region.

It is anticipated that this flagship project of One Belt One Road will bring peace and stability in this region. This initiative will add further and enhance the ties between the two friendly neighbors.

The event was also attended by Deputy Head Mission from the Embassy of China, Zhou Lijain, praised the efforts of other economies and specially Pakistan for its strong support from Pakistanis. He also mentioned that China is all geared up to resolve the matter of Southern China in a peaceful manner through dialogue and resolve conflicts with Vietnam and Philippines.