It was supposed to be the day that would change the political landscape of Pakistan, the day that would revitalize the PPP and a day that would launch Bilawal as the new leader of the PPP and Pakistan.

18th October was supposed to be all that and much more but it failed to be anything more than just a farce.

It felt like everything at the mega PPP jalsa at the Mazar-e-Quaid was a Chinese product as they were obviously trying to copy what IK does in his jalsa’s, but failed miserably!

Just like everything made in China, the PPP jalsa had all the parts that worked and performed the right functions, but just could not achieve the desired results.

Let’s have a closer look at what was lacking

The Crowd

There was a huge crowd no doubt. But these were people brought from interior Sindh; people who might not even have a choice when casting their vote and most probably had no idea about the political scenario of the country. It was obvious that there were very few people from Karachi itself, reflecting the fact that we all know very well that PPP is now only a provincial party representing rural Sindh.

The Chants

‘Jiyay Bhutto’, ‘Kal bhi Bhutto zinda tha…’ and all other Bhutto related shouts rang out loud and clear. But, come on Bilawal! That’s what the PPP has been doing for the past so many years and it has now lost its effect. And the only reason that these slogans have lost their effect is because your father and party killed them during his tenure as the President.

The Speech

The speech was very well written but completely lacked the dynamism that a Bhutto is known for and, on top of that, the delivery of the speech clearly lacked punch and heart. This might have been more noticeable because we have now as a nation become accustomed to very good orators such as Musharraf and Imran Khan

The Threats

Oh, come on Billoo! What’s with the ‘Altaf Uncle’ and other taunts? Till when will your party keep on using the same tactics? And this was your launch pad, why in the world did you want to make enemies on your first day? Couldn’t you find any other thing to talk about? Look what you ended up doing by alienating your coalition partners, yet again!

The whole jalsa lacked, in one word, LIFE! Just using the Bhutto name and thinking that you will rock the world is a thing of the past baby Bhutto. Hope you realize that before it’s too late.