Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is taking his political career to the next level. He can now be seen issuing official party statements (most of which we don’t need or care about), he can also be seen addressing small gatherings, and just last week he went around visiting the flood affected people to gather political points, just like his father did a few years back and his grandfather did quite a few years back.

Well, this is not unusual for the children of our politicians who aspire to continue their family’s legacy; a statement here a comment there. In fact, I was wondering why Bilawal was taking it so slow.

Anyway, the funny thing is that Mr. Bilawal made a weird statement on Friday to his supporters in Multan. He said that the elections were rigged massively and he will give proof of this on October 18th when they commemorate the Karsaz tragedy.

“You and I will complete the mission of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. At the October 18th gathering in Karachi (to commemorate the Karsaz tragedy), I will tell you how the elections were rigged from Karachi to Khyber,” he boldly said.

Say What?!

Wait a minute! Wait just a minute! Isn’t his party one of the signatories to the multiple resolution to support democracy and the current government? The same government which he is alleging is at the helm because of rigging?!

Isn’t his party one of those which is repeatedly trying to pacify the current political upheaval by maintaining status-quo in order to save the current ‘democratically elected’ government? A democratically elected government which he now alleges is in power due to massive rigging?!

Isn’t his party’s top brass – aka Rehman “offloaded” Malik – at the forefront of the all party’s Jirga to keep the people in parliament on their seats? A parliament elected by fraud, which he alleges he will prove on the 18th!!

Has this young man simply gone insane? Or maybe he wants to tell us that there was rigging but its okay… Let’s forget about the rigging, but what we shouldn’t forget is BILAWAL is NEXT in line!

In the same speech he also says that “I appeal to everyone to unite to serve the flood-affected people. Today Punjab is inundated, but some people in Islamabad are conspiring to submerge the whole of Pakistan!”

Wait a minute! Wait just another minute! So what you mean is that the elections were rigged and the people protesting against the rigging for the real continuation of democracy are the ones trying to ‘submerge’ the whole nation?!

Mr. Bilawal ‘not really’ Bhutto, why don’t you just say that you want to jump on the rigging bandwagon so that when IK does succeed you have this small thing to leverage your sad political career off during your election campaign?

How pathetically sick can you get?! Oh right, I forgot! You are a Pakistani politician!