These are the worst of times. I sometimes think perhaps these are the times which the Prophet (SAW) warned us about. The time where ‘Fitna’ will be common and will be initiated by the Ulema and will end in them as well.

All you need to do is look around you to understand how true this is today. There are fatwa’s after fatwa’s that negate each other, people without knowledge are giving religious sermons and have a following that surpasses the following of true scholars, learned people are labeling each other Kaafirs, as if it is their decision to make, or they have the knowledge of the unseen, and non-issues are splashed all over the media just to gain religious mileage.

I am sure you all have guessed where I am steering this post towards. Yes, the infamous case of Junaid Jamshed and a small speech that he made about Hazrat Ayesha (RAA), the Prophet’s (SAW) wife.

I am not writing to defend Junaid Jamshed or blasphemy, all I am saying is that he made a mistake and apologized. What else is a person supposed to do?

Did you know that the person who killed Hazrat Hamza (RAA) – Wahshi – later became a Muslim and was forgiven by the Rasool (SAW)? Did you know that the Qur’an commands Hazrat Abu Bakr (RAA) to continue helping a person who was involved in the slandering of his daughter, the mother of the believers? Yes, the same Hazrat Ayesha (RAA).

And here we are publicly giving fatwa’s against Junaid Jamshed and saying that he should be killed. Amir Liaquat goes on national TV and says that Junaid Jamshed must be a bastard child because he couldn’t respect Hazrat Ayesha (RAA). Someone should ask him about the video where he is bad mouthing Hazrat Abu Bakr (RAA). What does that make him then?

We are such a farigh nation that we have nothing else to do but blast everything out of proportion. If you are really that religious than stand up against the system of Riba eating away our society, stand up against the indecency that is rampant on our television channels, stand up against the people who publicly curse the beloved companions of the Rasool (SAW)!

But we won’t do that because that will not give us any benefit. Oh but yes, recording a video and saying something bad about Junaid Jamshed will definitely get you noticed so let’s do that!