‘Where is Mamnoon Hussain?’ is what everyone wants to know! These are some of the most tumultuous times in Pakistan’s political history and the one person that is nowhere to be found is our great President!

Let me give you a brief background on Mr. Mamonoon. Mr. Mamnoon is an IBA Graduate (just like Shaukat Aziz); he has held the position of Governor of Sindh and has also served the President of the Chamber of Commerce.

But he is also infamous for being a ‘Dahi Bara Wala’. As accused by Shaikh Rashid, “Mamnoon Hussain is that person who always stood at the airport waiting for the arrival of Nawaz Sharif with Dahi Baras and Nawaz Sharif always commented ‘Oh Dahi Bara wala aaya hai!’  Nawaz Sharif liked his Dahi Bara very much. And now this ‘Dahi Bare wala’ is our President….”

The thing is that there is no one, absolutely no one who has taken offense to this statement, not even the President himself. And if you ask me it could be true, keeping in mind his activities, or lack thereof.

The Magical Mamnoon Hussain

It really is magic! Mr. Mamnoon has disappeared off the face of the earth. No one knows where he is or what he does. Very strange for a Pakistani President, as presidents often love the lime light.

This has prompted people to take out missing person advertisements for the President. Seriously, someone tweeted a fictitious advertisement asking for information on the whereabouts of our President. I was thinking of sending him some info, but like everyone else, I didn’t have any.

Not just this. He has become the butt of every joke with a ‘missing’ angle to it. He has been compared to the Malaysian Airline, flight MH-370.

There have been pictures of his face morphed onto John Cena’s with the caption ‘You can’t see me!’

There is a picture of him as a mermaid, you know, because mermaids are so difficult to find. In my opinion, a mermaid will be easier to track down than our great President Mamnoon.

And last but not the least there is also a video by Karachi Vines where they replace the words ‘ghayab/gumshuda’ with Mamnoon Hussain. The video just cracked me up!

Is it really funny?

Actually it is more sad than funny. Our president is nothing but a puppet/showpiece that has no purpose or worth.

It is evident that he has been put in that position by Nawaz Sharif to just keep the seat warm and stay away from business.

The worst part is that in the past few months the country has faced several huge crises, namely:

  • The model town incident
  • The protests
  • The floods
  • The Army Operation

But our great President has nothing to say about any of them. No statement to condemn, appreciate, apologize or show remorse for any of these!

But hey, who am I to judge? Mr. Mamnoon must have more important things on his mind than these. Like his grandchildren’s parent-teacher meetings!