The cause of Pakistans long term sufferance at the hands of ignorant media persons is long debated and analysed. There is absolutely no doubt that the very reason Pakistanis have been subjugated for so long is, other Pakistanis.

The thing that is unfortunately yet to be realised is when people turn against their own country under the influence of some twisted attention seeking tactics, they break the very system that has nurtured them for long.

Certain Pakistanis, through news media and films indoctrination, have been taught through and through to identify themselves as Pakistanis by not just being Indians since 1947and despise their own cultural and national identity today.

Its strange that if you look at most of the youngsters specially, teenagers spawned by a generation of Bollywood films, they have no idea what separates Pakistan from India other than 1947 partition.  How many of us can relate to Indian cultures?

I see Tamil, Malayalam, Naga, Assamese, Ghorkas, Manipuri, Maharathi completely alien to Punjabi, Sindhi, Kashmiri and I am sure Balochi, Pashto, Balti, Dari find no grounds in India and even Hindi is not the relevant answer to the the identical similarities with Pakistan as Hindi is barely spoken in more than 4 out of 29 states of India so its similarity with Urdu does not prove anything.

Let it be clear, partition is not the only thing that divides me as a Pakistani from India but rather I have a distinct history and culture, I had distinct Civilisation called the Indus Valley Civilisation that remained within the map of modern day Pakistan while remaining separated from modern day Indian state for thousands of years, simply put; today I have a distinct nationality called Pakistani and I am proud of it.

Another nonsensical political dogma is that the religion is the only element that divides India and Pakistan, there are about the same number of Muslims living in India as in Pakistan and almost same in Bangladesh, if religion disunites Pakistan from India then what is stopping it from uniting Pakistan with Afghanistan and Iran where majority practices Islam like in Pakistan?

We must understand that Islam is without a doubt a unifying force in Pakistan but there are other elements that unite us as a Nation as well, our cultural and social roots, our societies, our history of living together as one civilisation for centuries.Similarly, muslim is our primary identity however neglecting other realities that present our Pakistani identity to be exclusive from rest of India is not equal to serving Islam rather it is embracing a mental slavery where one despises his own identity and tries to adopt another one.

Today amoral, ignorant and on some point, agenda-driven media which includes both news and entertainment industry has brutalised youngsters for proudly expressing a complete disassociation with their own roots and all this happens because there is no resistance provided by other Pakistanis who know the truth yet prefer to stay as silent observers.

In societies where governments dont address these issues then other segments of societies wake up such as journalists, civil society activists, Educationalists, filmmakers, etc to fight for awareness and national respect but in Pakistan there is absolutely no attempt to provide any sort of resistance and this is precisely why these kids are what they are because nobody makes them be anything different or better.

There is a reason why the death of Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, a legendary actor, writer and director, someone who immensely contributed in the success of Pakistan television network was barely discussed for 30 second outside news bulletins and reports while Pakistani Tv hosts tortured the audiences with their never ending promotion of an Indian film, dilwale.

This is the reflection of not honouring our identity because when we dont own ourselves and our identity, we dont honour our people. It is very sad that one morning show host, known for her ridiculous attention seeking tactics has been seen undermining Pakistan during her show with Bollywood celebrities and there was no reaction to it.

It does seem for a while that we have agreed to let go our patriotism which we seem to only bring during cricket matches and independence day or are we now developing a national consensus over absurd India-Pakistan-same-sameclaims?

Are we ready to denounce our independence day by calling it a great human tragedy and a blunder? Believe me, the Bollywood spawned generation would proudly share these thoughts because if they ever read about Chaudhery Rehmat Ali, they would know why exactly he came up with a Pakistan map and indulge themselves in research and study about our distinct identity and culture, they would then know the importance of Pakistani identity.

An Urdu news paper ad featuring Indian actress sparks outrage on social media, but no one utters a word of condemnation for those undermining our national interests. Three Bollywood films that were deemed anti-Pakistan and got banned, featured Pakistani actors and singers, where was the outrage then?

The best way to fight is to spread awareness through social media and educate people, this will create a sense of belonging to their nation plus it shall also deter those ignorant zombies sitting on Television studios from undermining our national interest.

We clearly lack the leadership to stand up against cultural invasion, demoralisation tactics and subversion and all this is leading us to psychological enslavement thus it becomes our duty to stand up and lead, because whatever efforts we make today, shall help our next generation to develop the feeling of belongingness with Pakistan, not just due to religion but also culture, history, art and society.