Pretty sure that you must have heard about little drops of water make the mighty ocean. You must be wondering about the context and chemistry it has got with Pepsi, right? Well, there is one strong connection between this quotation and Pepsi as the latter has the tendency to lighten the darker regions with #LightingUpLives campaign to ultimately bring smile on the faces of million Pakistanis.

Have you ever wondered what satisfies you most? If your answer is other than helping others then just for the sake of experiment try to help people in need and experience an instant touch of gratification.

You must be aware of the sorry fact about how millions of Pakistanis are deprived of one of the basic necessities of life which is light and electricity and subsequently people fail to make necessary progress and impact in their lives due to this hitch.

This is where Pepsi went out of the box to fathom the need of a large chuck of people and came up with a brilliant notion of #LightingUpLives campaign. Pepsi’s motive was to provide a liter of light in regions which is generally surrounded by darkness and as a result things become real hard for people to lead a normal life.

However, this is not the first time Pepsi has come up with this concept. Last year they launched similar #LightingUpLives campaign and it was a successful and got plenty of admiration from all across the country. This is exactly the continuation from the last year campaign when Pepsi decided to change the lives of millions of people who had previously been living without light. You will be pleased to listen to one of the stories from Master Ayub who was approached by Pepsi during #LightingUpLives campaign. Please to have a look:

The procedure of the campaign is very simple. Pepsi donates Re. 1/- to make a difference in people lives on every purchase of 1.75L Pepsi bottle. You got to admire the brains behind this very concept as this is different, unique, helpful to people who are in dire need of light and an exceptional out of the box social responsibility. For instance if you purchase 5 bottles of 1.75L Pepsi then Pepsi will donate Rs. 5/- for the noble cause. This is where the line of the first paragraph comes in where every little drop of water will make a mighty ocean.

Through a dazzling advertisement, Pepsi announced the campaign of #LightingUpLives which must have been seen by millions of Pakistanis. The advertisement featured the most popular actor of Pakistan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, who was a perfect fit for the commercial. Pepsi’s new #LightingUpLives TV advertisement was an emotional and impeccable representation of how on 3 occasions people were deprived of the light and how their faces were turned dull. However, there was a new beginning that eventually lifted the moral of individuals and they ended up smiling in joy when the representatives of Pepsi were seen visiting their area with relative setup of solar power with an empty bottle of Pepsi. You will be thrilled to have a look at the advert:

One of the major aspects of the advertisement was the song that was sung by the Queen of Sufiana Kalaam, Abida Parveen, who literally gave new life and dimension through powerful lyrics, calm singing and a tremendous illustration to the overall story.

I dearly look forward to #LightingUpLives campaign as I intend to purchase as many bottles of 1.75L Pepsi as I could in order to play my part. You can also play a vital role in this campaign. Make sure you get your stock of 1.75L bottle(s) to help Pepsi in donating.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Pepsi.