Pepsi transforms a cricket pitch into a pinball cricket game along with Shoaib Malik

No surprises. Pepsi does it again. Cricket runs in the blood of Pakistanis. So does Pepsi. Shoaib Malik is an idol to a number of Pakistanis. And what did Pepsi do? They brought everyone on a single platform along with an advanced 3D technology. What happens next? A cricket pitch is twisted from a normal to a pinball cricket game – thanks largely to Pepsi and Shoaib Malik. You must

Pepsi Pee Lay Zara…with Fawad Khan

Long gone are the days of boring meals as the new claim by Pepsi will settle things for you! This claim sounds convincing when you hear it from the heartthrob of the country Fawad Khan. The recent campaign by Pepsi Pakistan adds laurels to its “Khana Banaye Exciting” campaign last year, as it is a continuation of the previous story but comes with a big bang. Dont worry if your

7Up organizes #FoodiesWithoutBorders event at Lahore to bring all foodies under one roof

7Up is one of the leading liquid brands in the country and the trend of having 7Up over the past few years has changed. One of the primary reasons is the innovative ideas and strategies through which 7Up comes up with. For the past 3 years, 7Up has been celebrating the love for food but recently they took the movement one ladder up by organizing #FoodiesWithoutBorders event at Lahore. 7Up

FoodPanda: Dining Out Is Expensive, Ordering Food Online Isn’t!

Pakistan’s leading mobile and online food ordering platform foodpanda.pk has launched an impressive campaign this week which focuses on delivering greatest value to its customers. Till the end of July, on more than 500 restaurants flat 20% discounts with no delivery fees is running live for customers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. We have never come across a campaign of such nature that pairs together two astonishing offers and

PCB, Edhi and Pepsi – An epic trio

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) honored one of the greatest philanthropists and humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi, in an event, while announcing their association with the Edhi Foundation. The announcement was made by PCB Chairman, Mr. Shahryar Khan. The agreement was signed between the two parties and it was about that the logo of Edhi Foundation would be stamped on the official kits of Pakistan Cricket team players for the ODI and

foodpanda Introduces 100+ Ramadan deals for Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad

Offering discounts up to 50% on top restaurants foodpanda has taken an initiative to let you make the most out of this Ramadan. In a month long campaign, foodpanda has introduced 100+ deals and discounts for the first time. People all over Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi can plan their Sehri and Iftaar meals with a wide range of deals offered on top restaurants partnered up with foodpanda to serve

There is no darkness with Pepsi’s #LightingUpLives campaign

Pretty sure that you must have heard about little drops of water make the mighty ocean. You must be wondering about the context and chemistry it has got with Pepsi, right? Well, there is one strong connection between this quotation and Pepsi as the latter has the tendency to lighten the darker regions with #LightingUpLives campaign to ultimately bring smile on the faces of million Pakistanis. Have you ever wondered

7Up gives luxury to three foodies as they were involved in a billboard movement

Pakistanis love to eat. They seriously do including me. A day is incomplete without 6 meals in a day starting from breakfast to pre-lunch munching. Lunch is being served then with a bit of snacking earlier in the evening. At night, dinner is consumed along with something ‘Meetha’ and that completes the day of a normal individual residing in Pakistan. Thanks to 7Up, we call such individuals Foodie. When it

Pepsi introduces new Pepsi Emoji Bottles so that you can #SayItWithPepsi

We are living in an era when the context and tone of the message is considered lightly while Emojis are taken seriously. An instance of this explanation was when I erroneously sent an angry emoticon to one of the friends over something. It took me almost a day to explain that an error was made and I didn’t mean anything. Speaks volume about the significance of Emojis, isn’t it? There was another occurrence when a

Time to grab our #GreenLight for food before it is too late

I was recently a part of spectacular picnic where there was plenty of fun, plenty of water, plenty of food and plenty of soft drinks of various brands. Since I was the people manager at the event, my responsibility was to take care just about everything. When the lunch was served, everyone started to ask me ‘drink kidhar hai?’ (Where is the drink?) I assisted everyone in getting their drinks