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Ethical Hacking As A Career

For those of us who grew up in the 70s or 80s they have spent a simple life, life that saw no internet, life that was not monitored by any sensor devices, which witnessed invention of new things and gradual change in technology. To find any information or to do any research was a hectic job; the reason was clear that there was no internet among people. Newspapers were rarely

Why are we getting disconnected in a connected world?

We are able to get connected to people in any part of the world in a matter of seconds. Yet, it seems that the same power of connectivity is making us drift apart from the people near us.  We are so busy creating online relationships that we actually neglect the people next to us.  How did we move from having vibrant physical relationships to on-screen engagements? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary,

Substandard Mobile Phones – A Menace or Relief

The mobile market in Pakistan today is worth billions of rupees. Everywhere you go you see a mobile shop, a mobile accessory shop, or a mobile mall. You have major brands like Apple, Samsung and Nokia available, but you can also easily find local brands such as QMobile and Voice. And if you are one of those looking for a counterfeit phone, well unfortunately those are available as well! These

QMobile – Pakistan’s Rising Star

QMobile is an amazing success story to come out of Pakistan! As you may know, QMobile is the largest selling phone brand in Pakistan today. It’s a Karachi based company which was set up approximately 6 years ago by Mian Pervez Akhtar. The growth that it has seen in the last six years is staggering. QMobile began its journey by selling low-end phones to the Pakistani people. Back then people

Ramadan Apps – Let Technology Help You In Ramadan!

Technology has finally caught up with Ramadan as well. Muslims all over the world are observing their fasts, but this time around they have certain interesting tools to help them along on this month-long journey: mobile apps that help users worship more efficiently! Below is a list of a few Ramadan apps that are a must for every tech savvy Muslim! Muslim Pro This is one of the most downloaded

Ten Unforgettable, Irresistible Top Rated Android Applications

It’s because of Google Android’s open source nature that applications become easy to access and download for users. If you know how to do coding, it’s even easier to share applications of unique nature for others. In this brief post, you’ll be able to understand the availability and amazing features of the top ten Android applications. Unlike its rival Apple, Android makes applications and upgrading a lot more convenient and

Top Facebook Pages in Pakistan

Social media has taken Pakistan by storm, and since Facebook remains the platform of choice for many, the stats provide a good view into what the Pakistani public is  interested in and talking about. Lets take a look at how the largest pages from and of Pakistan stack-up on Facebook: 1. Atif Aslam  172,382 People Talking About This 17,761,811 Total Page Likes 2. Express News 1,792,282 People Talking About This

Social Media in Pakistani Politics: A Wave of Change or Just a Fad?

General elections are just around the corner (hopefully) and most of the discussions in the media and among the masses are occupied by two themes: disenchantment with the way things are and skepticism about any change in the future.  However, there is a relatively new phenomenon that may prove to be a challenge for the political dinosaurs (or predators) in our country.  I’m referring to the use of social media

Can anyone Blog?

If you’ve got a special way with words as well as a cool skill/talent, or some know-how about an interesting topic, then you’ve got the potential to be a great blogger! BlogPulse estimates that there were 152 million blogs on the internet in 2010. This is encouraging because when so many people can do it, why can’t you? At the same time it’s discouraging because more than 75% of these blogs