How good was the opening ceremony of PSL 2020? Well, the reactions have been quite hilarious and people from all across Twitter have highlighted mixed response. Some of the reactions were comical while some were fairly sarcastic.

Reaction on PSL 2020 opening ceremony

  • Well, things did not start off nicely as one of the cricket fans expressed his disappointment quite early

  • And the same fan had enough of the ceremony as he wanted the show to end

  • The Sufi Soul medley was, however, admired

  • One of the fans smashed a sarcastic remark to one of the Lahore Qalandars’ fan

  • Early on, there was a host who was loud and perhaps he lacked hosting skills too. Keeping in mind, someone tweeted

  • While we are at it, everybody was interested in knowing who the host was but the answer was

  • One of the journalists blatantly called the ceremony …

  • To an otherwise shambolic opening ceremony, there was something in the end which lifted the mood of the fans

  • So many rehearsals for this?

  • In a nutshell

What are your thoughts about the opening ceremony of PSL 2020?