The Beautiful and Peaceful Valley of Chitral

Beyond the hustle and bustle of city life and pollution lies the remote and breathtaking valley of Chitral in the northwestern region of Pakistan. Known as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Chitral is situated in the midst of the Hindukush Range which is 7,709m above sea level, making it the highest peak of the ranges. In this scenic and majestic valley, the ‘Kho’ people live who derive

People of Pakistan

Pakistan’s estimated population in 2011 is over 187 million making it the world’s sixth most-populous country. Pakistan has a multicultural and multi-ethnic society and hosts one of the largest refugee populations in the world as well as a young population. Most of Pakistan’s foreign born population consists of Muslim refugees that fled from genocide and pograms in India to Pakistan after independence in 1947. The second biggest group of foreign

Pakistan the Beautiful: Part Three

Pakistan- the land of a thousand beautiful places. We have prepared another post about Pakistan landscapes thanks to photographer Imran Schah who was so kind to share his amazing photos of Pakistan with Enjoy the beauty and share it with the world. If you have photos that you think should be featured on our website, please let us know and we’ll get in touch! A snow-clad peak of Hindu

National Monuments of Pakistan: Part Two

I recently did a post titled National Monuments of Pakistan. Today I am going to feature some other monuments from Pakistan. Each country has it’s beautiful monuments and structures that reflect its history and development over the years. Pakistan is one of those few lucky countries where every mosque is a true piece of art worth admiration. With lots of beautiful forts and spectacular gardens, Pakistan is a dream for