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Water, Sand and Rock – The Beaches of Karachi

Amongst the hustle and bustle of being a megalopolis, Karachi is also known for the sandy shores that it offers to its residents and visitors. The development of infrastructure along the various beaches of Karachi has made this gift of nature more valuable than ever before. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Karachiite or a guest to the city, the diversity of sand, water and even wildlife on the different

The Beautiful and Peaceful Valley of Chitral

Beyond the hustle and bustle of city life and pollution lies the remote and breathtaking valley of Chitral in the northwestern region of Pakistan. Known as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Chitral is situated in the midst of the Hindukush Range which is 7,709m above sea level, making it the highest peak of the ranges. In this scenic and majestic valley, the ‘Kho’ people live who derive

Five Must-Visit Locations in Pakistan

“If there were 3 places in Pakistan you would recommend for travel, which ones would they be? And why?” More than twenty people in my network (which I believe to be broad-based) were asked this common question. This Miss Universe Pageant/Contest approach to a travel poll did wonders! People virtually dove in to vote for their favorite locations in Pakistan. ‘Heaven on Earth’ ‘A meet with the clouds’ ‘A rendezvous

Open Letter to PTCL

To Whom it May Concern Pakistan’s largest broadband service provider is being knackered by small tweaks and loopholes! Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) is no doubt, the largest telecom company which was privatized sometime back. Although, the quality of service has improved as compared to the well renown and well cursed PTCL back in the ancient times, the loopholes are now becoming gaping holes from the past. A lot agree that

Beyond Doctors and Engineers: Pakistani Youth Needs to Decide

Somebody from outside Pakistan, and especially those belonging to the fortunate strata of the world, might find it odd that the decisions for youngsters in this country are made by the elders of the family. This does not translate into the minor decisions alone; it’s just not the clothes they wear or the life style they adopt, it goes beyond the small things to major decisions like what to do

How Safe Are You in Your House?

Gone are the days when the doors of our homes remained open till late at night and people kept on coming and going to each other’s places without any threat to security. In today’s Pakistan, Crime is rampant. Pick up a newspaper and you’ll see recent happenings of honor killings, rapes, robberies, murders, domestic violence and whatnot. Although not reported so vehemently as the aforementioned crimes, the incidence of burglaries,

Theatre: An Emerging Art Form

To trace the trajectory of art, theatre to be precise, in Pakistan it is easy to see that the phenomenon emerged from two sources. The first source remains the streets whilst the second is organized formal educational institutions. Theatre was erected as a means of asserting one’s freedom of expression in the face of staunch political regimes and was also an excellent form of entertainment for the masses. The elitist