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Dual Devastation

Politics in Pakistan is plagued with corruption, nepotism, self interest and several multi dimensional aspects of immoral practices, but this is high time we recognize that religion in Pakistan is equally plagued with Politics and Politicians. Since more than a decade the social divide based on religious grounds have widened to a large degree, while there is less than no doubt about the political elite adapting to self-inclined religious narratives

Towards an extremism-free Pakistan

Extremism is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “belief in and support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable”. Though religious extremism is singled out in today’s media reports, Pakistanis face several forms of it day in and day out. In the following paragraphs, we will briefly study the three prominent categories of extremism in Pakistan along with relevant examples to give a

A Brief Analysis of Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

“All I was thinking was that I had to detonate myself near as many people as possible. When I decided it was the right time, it was a moment of happiness for me,” chilling words from a 14 year old suicide bomber who was involved in a suicide attack in the first week of April 2011, at the Sakhi Sarwar shrine in Punjab.  This attack killed at least 41 people