Kamila Shamsie’s Finest Works

Kamila Naheed Shamsie is an acclaimed Pakistani novelist who weaves tales of great emotional complexity set against a historical backdrop, across continents and eras. Below are some of her finest works:   Salt and Saffron “How horrifying that morning when you wake up and your first thought is not of the person who has left. That’s when you know, I will never die of a broken heart.”  Salt and saffron

Rafi Peer Cultural Center: An Oasis of Culture

Think of puppets and you assume the puppetry culture in Pakistan is limited either to the days of yore or simple sock creations conceived for the mindless entertainment of the young. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Serving almost as an oasis of culture in an otherwise urban city, the Museum of Puppetry is nestled comfortably in the outskirts of Lahore and offers the rarest glance into the almost

The Painters of Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich history in art, and the personalities and works of its artists are almost as varied as the mediums they chose to utilize. Below is a list of some of these prominent artists/painters who contributed significantly to the art scene of the country. Ismail Gulgee Ismail Gulgee is a celebrated painter of abstract art who was inspired by calligraphy and hence fully employed the bold undertones of

28 Symbols of Pakistan

1. National Flag 2. National Language Urdu. 3. National Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 4. State Emblem 5. State Religion  Islam. 6. National Mausoleum Mazar-e-Quaid. 7. National Sport Field Hockey. 8. National Mosque Faisal Mosque. 9. National Fruit Mango. 10. National Colors White & Green. 11. National Airline PIA. 12. National Currency Pakistani Rupee. 13. National Motto 14. National Vegetable Lady Finger. 15. National Anthem   16. National River  River Indus.

6th Karachi Film…oops a Literature Festival Indeed.

Think of Lollywood. Which name immediately strikes in mind? Yes, she was a surprise guest in one of Karachi Literature Festivals’ sessions. The curiosity of the crowd faded away as the glamourous Meera was ‘stopped by security’. Transaction or Transformation in Film or TV was a session packed like sardines, held on the last day of the 6th KLF. Do movies help in building societies, keeping in mind the heavy

Photos: Truck Art in Pakistan

Truck Art in Pakistan is a brilliant splash of color, calligraphy and humor on the otherwise blank canvas that is the back of a freight vehicle. If there ever was an under-appreciated art form, this is it! The following is a collection of photos categorized according to theme. These best sum up the salient features of Truck Art and provide a quick overview of the phenomenal talent and skill that

Pakistani Truck Art: Truly an Art Form

Every notable country you can think of has a distinctive art form that reminds people the world over of its unique style, heritage or culture. The matadors of Spain, the gondolas of Venice and the minarets of Turkey, all conjure and inspire a vivid image of their place of origin or prominence. Similarly, if I were to name a piece of art that best represents the vitality and vibrancy of