The Four Great Imams of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

Why do we need to follow a specific madhab or school of jurisprudence (fiqh) when we have direct access to Qur’an and Hadith, which are the sources of this knowledge? This question that echoes in the minds of many Muslims is of great importance as it directly relates to our lives in this world as well as in the hereafter.  It is possible for all Muslims to learn about the

Women in Islam: Respected or Oppressed?

Majority of the critiques on the position of women in Islam as well as the opinions of the general public on this matter suffer from a significant flaw.  These debates take place in a wrong frame of reference i.e., the comparisons are made based on the 20th century expectations and standards.  However, an objective discussion must take into account the historical contexts because if you compare the status of women

I am Young, I am a Muslim, I need Help

Do you know the ways in which the personality of young Muslims is torn apart while living in a western society? We, in Pakistan, are fortunate that we were born in a place surrounded by people with the same beliefs and practices. Practicing Islam in non-Muslim societies is far more difficult than in predominantly Muslim countries. This is particularly true for Muslim youth; they have their work cut out for

Islam and Tolerance

Religious tolerance in Islam has been a hotly debated aspect of this religion for decades.  However, these debates tend to overlook a very important point, the need to differentiate between the actions of Muslims and the teachings of Islam.  The two may seem interchangeable but that is not the case in reality and following this course often leads to incorrect conclusions.  On many occasions throughout the history of Islam, we

The Ten Most Common Misconceptions about Islam

Islam is probably the least understood and most demonized religion today.  The critics of Islam have created this persona based primarily on misconceptions, ignorance and malice.  You’ve probably heard of some of the following common misconceptions about Islam. Misconception # 1: Violence and Terrorism is the Muslim Creed Islam and Muslims have become synonymous with terms like terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism.  The involvement of some so-called Muslims in the acts

From Dusk to Dawn: The Story of Sheikh Yusuf Estes

Can you imagine giving up your religion?  Regardless of whether we are practicing believers or not, the thought of just giving it up seems unimaginable.  So what is it that makes people change their faith? Especially convert to Islam? It is the most controversial and misunderstood religion today and over the years Islamophobia has been trying to win over the west. “They don’t believe in God; they worship a black

From Hawkins to Muhadith – Rapper Loon Embraces Islam

Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, also known as Loon in the music world, embraced Islam and changed his name to Amir Junaid Muhadith. On May 26, 2010 he opened up to the public and gave a speech in Canada talking about the change, the reasons behind it and the effect that Islam has had on his life. He now travels the world to speak to teenagers from all different backgrounds and talks