The holy month of Ramadan is just few days away and a bombshell has already been dropped on the people of Pakistan with the latest announcement of 8 hours load-shedding in the country. It is expected that the temperature during entire summer in June and July is going to be somewhere between 38 to 48 Degree Centigrade in the extreme regions.

On Tuesday, Parliamentary Committee was informed by the Secretary for Water and Power, Muhammed Younus Dagha that efforts are being made to provide nonstop and uninterrupted power supply to the consumers especially at the time of Sehar and Iftar. However, there will be 6 hours of load-shedding in urban areas while rural areas will experience an average of 8 hours.

This move was triggered in the light of extreme heatwave that will hit the boiling regions of Pakistan. Apparently, the issue of load-shedding is a perpetual one and the country is still discovering solution to this very problem since 1987. It adds nothing but miseries in the life of individuals both in rural and urban areas.

The decision was taken yesterday in a Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power which was chaired by Sardar Muhammed Yaqoob Khan Nasar. During the meeting, they learnt that load-shedding will take effect throughout the country including the big city, Karachi. Government will also inform K-Electric to maintain the same standard and do not create hassles for the people of Karachi especially during Sehar and Iftar. Moreover, schedule of load-shedding for summer 2016 and the functioning of power companies was also reviewed in the meeting.

I still remember my 1st and 21st fast last year in Ramadan when I was almost on the verge of breaking the fast due to extreme weather and load-shedding. It is also pertinent to mention that a serious heatwave last year in summer claimed more than 2000+ lives in various parts of the country primarily Karachi.

The duration of the fast in the upcoming month of Ramadan is going to be at least around 16 hours regardless. It would be important to take necessary measures to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Another significant point is to keep yourself hydrated properly at the time of Sehar.