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Pepsi transforms a cricket pitch into a pinball cricket game along with Shoaib Malik

No surprises. Pepsi does it again. Cricket runs in the blood of Pakistanis. So does Pepsi. Shoaib Malik is an idol to a number of Pakistanis. And what did Pepsi do? They brought everyone on a single platform along with an advanced 3D technology. What happens next? A cricket pitch is twisted from a normal to a pinball cricket game – thanks largely to Pepsi and Shoaib Malik. You must

Pepsi Pee Lay Zara…with Fawad Khan

Long gone are the days of boring meals as the new claim by Pepsi will settle things for you! This claim sounds convincing when you hear it from the heartthrob of the country Fawad Khan. The recent campaign by Pepsi Pakistan adds laurels to its “Khana Banaye Exciting” campaign last year, as it is a continuation of the previous story but comes with a big bang. Dont worry if your