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Are Pakistanis Happier in 2011?

With regular random bombings being just one of their constantly growing fears, Pakistanis hardly have much reason to be a happier nation in 2011. We haven’t stepped into particularly hopeful terrain this year. The CIA World Fact Book estimates that Pakistan’s net emigration rate is 9% higher in 2011. This gives testimony to the fact that many things are wrong in the country – the most glaring 3 of which

The Batting Side of Pakistan Cricket

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and children of all ages…Welcome to the Pakistan cricket pessimists zone! Today, my rant will focus on our brilliant batting side. More like the team’s backside, if you know what I mean. By now you may have gathered that I’m a bit upset about our batting. Seriously, I was sooooo looking forward to having Javed Miandad back as a batting coach for our team.

The Disappearance of Bijli and Paani

Summers in Pakistan are intense and further worsened by the load shedding of electricity and shortages of water in all the cities. There was a time when load shedding and water issues were faced only by the southern parts of the country; however these problems have now become a harsh reality throughout the country. Managing the inefficiencies of key utility sectors needs to become an immediate and primary concern for

‘Face2Face’ App Alerts Users When Their Online Friends Are Nearby

A cup of tea and two Pakistani brains made it possible to bring to life the new online social network, ‘Face2Face’ App Alerts Users When Their Online Friends Are Nearby Less than six months after its launch, Face2Face crossed 100,000 users in January 2011 in North America alone. It has been featured in Mashable, The New York Times, the MIT Journal and Wired and hailed as an application inspiring genius and

Zero Wickets, No Runs – Yet International Awards and a Hat Trick in the Making!

They are calling him Mr. 100%! No no…. come on people, please grow up. Not every Pakistan-related article with a percentage sign has to be about a certain well-known politician who will remain nameless! I’m talking about our star of the cricket world cup. Wrong again! Not Kamran Akmal. In fact I’m talking about….*drum roll*….. Aleem Dar! The serene, calm and calculating umpire is a two time ICC ‘Umpire of

‘Jaadu’ App for iPhone

There’s a lot of criticism that Pakistan lacks entrepreneurs interested in research, however Jahanzeb Sherwani, CEO of iTeleport, is a businessman who has succeeded in both. During his final year as a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University he developed Jaadu VNC, an application which allows you to have remote control power over your computer from anywhere in the world! This application eventually became the seed which grew into iTeleport,

‘Photo Editor’ By Becomes Blackberry’s Best-Selling App Worldwide

“What has pepper got to do with pictures,” you ask? Then you’ll probably be even more puzzled when I talk about the months of September and December and technology companies in the same context. Ok, ok! Hold your horses and let me explain… Around about September last year (2010) a company called “” launched a photo editor for Blackberry phones, aptly titled “Photo Editor”. This editor allows you to quickly

Star Gazing in Pakistan

Their numbers few, their passion immense – an accurate description of astronomy and star gazing enthusiasts in Pakistan! These crazy enthusiasts will travel miles to low light and less populated places, wait weeks to catch the perfect clear night and spend hours calibrating telescopes for perfect vision. It doesn’t end here. After star-gazing they will spend significant time recording observations for relevant databases like the IMO (International Meteor Organization). The