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CEO or Farmer – No one’s Safe from Mobile Addiction

Pakistan didn’t see it coming. The early 90’s insidiously ushered in a potent addiction which never made it to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). When the Y2K didn’t turn out to be a virtual apocalypse and Pakistan made it to the early 2000’s, this particular addiction was already too deeply rooted and quickly imbued in the culture for there to be any room for intervention. Different

The Ten Most Common Misconceptions about Islam

Islam is probably the least understood and most demonized religion today.  The critics of Islam have created this persona based primarily on misconceptions, ignorance and malice.  You’ve probably heard of some of the following common misconceptions about Islam. Misconception # 1: Violence and Terrorism is the Muslim Creed Islam and Muslims have become synonymous with terms like terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism.  The involvement of some so-called Muslims in the acts

Round 238 – Coach vs. Captain – Fight!

I’ve never been as positive about the Pakistan cricket team as I was at the end of the third ODI against the West Indies. After the spot fixing scandal, the string of defeats, the Zulqernain debacle, etc., etc., there was a change that everyone was talking about.  The team looked like a unit under one captain. And the coach seemed to be well placed with the players. This materialized into

Death of the Greeting Card

‘Happy B’day 2 U!’ Does that bring about any warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart? You must have received 30 plus similar one-liner phone messages on your most recent birthday. And, if you’re like me, you probably deleted them soon after reading – like 60% of us would. But let’s be honest, more than likely you must have sent more than a hundred similar messages throughout the year. The funny

When the VIPs get Going, the Going gets Tough!

Who knows better than a Pakistani about traffic jams that get suffocating and horrid as soon as a VIP decides to saunter their way down the town with their battalion of guards and various onlookers. In simple words, we know how much discomfort we face when a high class politician or celebrity makes a point of visiting a public venue. Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi and other cities witness this discriminating

Jansher “The King” Khan

For almost fifty years Pakistan had dominated the world of Squash. The era began with the great Hashim Khan who revolutionized squash with his fitness craze and ended with Jansher Khan. Just imagine coming onto the scene when legendary Jahangir khan was at his prime and had just completed a record run of wins, remaining unbeaten. But Jansher picked up where Jahangir Khan had left off. After JK senior, JK

Australia the Victors at the 2011 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Final

Pakistan hockey has been struggling for the past 17 years since winning the 1994 olympics.  This long dry spell was finally broken in Nov 2010 when Pakistan won the Asian Games final and brought home gold.  Between Nov 2010 and now, things have been looking up for the Pakistan hockey team.  Their performance in the Azlan Shah Cup 2011 has been very good despite a couple of losses.  The win

Could Afghan Tour Signal the Return of International Cricket to Pak?

“Tuesday started as just another day in Lahore: a morning report to the fitness trainer to check our hydration levels, a quick breakfast and cup of coffee and an 8.30am departure to the ground. We were all looking forward to the third day’s play and trying to win the series………..From the front I heard the screams to “get down, get down” and we all hit the deck. Within seconds we

A Brief Analysis of Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

“All I was thinking was that I had to detonate myself near as many people as possible. When I decided it was the right time, it was a moment of happiness for me,” chilling words from a 14 year old suicide bomber who was involved in a suicide attack in the first week of April 2011, at the Sakhi Sarwar shrine in Punjab.  This attack killed at least 41 people – Combines Local Listings with Social Networking

How’s the food in that new restaurant?  What’s the best place for trendy clothes?  I wish I could find some reliable information on some decent schools for my kids! This is the type of information we need on a daily basis.  The primary channel for getting such information is marketing messages, but after sustaining years of commercial message bombardment most of us have become savvy enough to know better than