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The Brave Students of a Failing Country

Do you know of any third-world country that despite unending political, religious, economical and social crisis, keeps on setting world records in almost every field? No? Well I know of one–Pakistan. With great pride, I announce that Pakistan is the only country that in the last decade has achieved the highest number of world records academically. Let’s start with Ali Moeen Nawazish, who set a world record by scoring 21

Pakistani Media’s Forgotten Role

He who controls the media, controls minds. This rightly quoted line by the iconic singer Jim Morrison is perhaps not given heed by our media persons and organizations, where sensationalism and high ratings become the sole objective. The battle to gain commercials has even deteriorated the moral values and media ethics of our newsmen. However, this impish trend can be eradicated if cognizance is propagated. Since the very inception of

Islamic Banking In Pakistan

The Commission for Transformation of Financial System (CTFS) was established in January 2000 in the State Bank of Pakistan. It presented Shariah acquiescent methods of financing which encompassed producing lawful structures conductive for functioning of Islamic financial method, initiating a colossal education and teaching package for financiers and their patrons and a real channel through broadcasting for the overall public to generate consciousness about the Islamic financial system. It also

Reqo Diq: Its History and Future Prospects

Who would have imagined discovering another natural resource from the depths of Baluchistan? Well Reko Diq begs to differ. Reko Diq is an international standard copper and gold reserve in district Chagai of Baluchistan. The evaluations by enthusiasts and foreign companies alike mention of an un-mined and untouched reserve of exquisite metallic minerals at a worth of amid $250bn to $500bn. A venture that belittles the already running Sui Gas

Baluchistan: Kurdistan of Central Asia

Baluchistan is considered to be the “Kurdistan of central Asia”. Its financial and physical worth is of an attire importance for many and has always been the centre of attention for China, Iran, India and the United states. Being plunged with Gold and coal reserves along with natural gas reserves, Baluchistan is considered to be a patch of fortune on the surface of this earth. Baluchistan has Gold reserves of