As time goes by, we see different models of cars on the roads. However, there are plenty of future cars that are yet to be seen on the roads but there is already plenty of buzz about them. We have identified 5 tech-savvy concept cars that are super-fast, highly efficient and classy in their own way.

1- BMW Vision Next 100

BMW’s Vision Next 100 concept car is developed as a celebration of the BMW Group’s centenary. The Vision Next 100 is the company’s attempt to take a long-term look at what the car of tomorrow might look like after autonomous drive technology has essentially changed automotive design.

You can have a detailed review about this little beauty here.

car no. 1

2- BMW Mini Vision Next 100

BMW Mini Vision Next 100, the compact four-seater showcases a new design lineage that avoids the retro look of today’s Mini models for a cleaner appearance. It has been developed in response to what the company describes as “an ever more digitalized and interconnected world”.

It can collect its driver from a desired location in fully automated fashion and adapt itself to pre-programmed personalized preferences before it arrives. More about the car can be read here.

car no. 2

3- Rolls Royce Vision Next 100

Rolls Royce is arguably among the best future cars. It is already the benchmark for luxury driving experiences. The British marque has created a car that will serve as the owner’s chauffeur and personal assistant. It will be powered completely by zero-emissions technology.

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4- Audi h-tron Quattro

Audi h-tron promises clean, quiet driving, all-wheel-drive grip and a 124 mph top speed.It is capable of hitting 62 mph in less than 7 seconds. The four-seat h-tron Quattro concept uses about a kilogram of hydrogen every 62 miles. All of its motors and its fuel-cell activation are controlled by a new management system that’s geared for efficiency while making the concept retain a slightly rear-drive feel.

Plenty of information about Audi h-tron can be found here.

car no. 4

5- Rinspeed Etos

Among the future cars, the Rinspeed Etos features a fully autonomous mode bolstered by 8 HD exterior cameras that constantly track all surrounding objects and people. It automatically links to and communicates with city infrastructure and other vehicles to anticipate slowdowns. Moreover, it even monitors cell reception levels to notify occupants of impending dead zones.

You can learn more about this magnificent car here.

car no. 5

Do let us know which future car among the list you would like to have in your porch.