Another Eid just went by, this one accompanied by a several, memorable “chuttiyan”.

Although Eid is over I still have a hangover from it. I still want more parties to go to, more meet up’s with families and just more of everything Eid is about, because I love celebrating Eid in Pakistan!

I actually grew up abroad and still live abroad, but I spent a few years living in Pakistan and that “chaska” was enough to love everything about Pakistan; especially Eid and its festivities.

This year I was fortunate enough to celebrate Eid in Pakistan once more, and this time I counted the following 10 things I love about Eid in Pakistan:

  1. Chand RaatThe Eid party starts a night before. As soon as the moon is sighted people pour out like ants into the markets. Whether it’s shopping, eating or just standing around and watching; Chand Raat in Pakistan is something every Muslim should experience!
  2. Multiple options for Eid namaz – There is an Eid jamaat at virtually every corner and multiple namaaz sessions go on from 6:30 am to 11:00 am. Take your pick and pray at your convenience.
  3. The Eid morning breakfast – Some buy cakes, others kachori, I go for the ultimate: Kebab Parhatha. Beat that!
  4. The extended family lunch – When we were kids it was the mamu’s/khala’s or chacha’s/phuppo’s and us. Now it’s also the cousins and their children and in some cases the cousins’ cousins too. Although it’s difficult to find a place to sit at times, it’s still wonderful being with your loved ones on Eid.
  5. The eidiOkay, this is a tradition everywhere, but it’s just more fun getting it from dozens of different elder relatives and then bowing a bit to say “Adaab”.
  6. The evening cricket match – Wherever you are, whatever you are wearing, if you step out into your gully and there are kids playing cricket, you join in!
  7. The chai – I don’t know about you guys but I drink a lot of tea on Eid. Every one we visit offers us tea and I can never find it in me to say no.
  8. The Eid milan parties – These go on for weeks in my family. The reason there are so many is because of the sheer number of relatives Masha Allah! Lunch and dinner on all three days of Eid are booked and so are a few weekends after that.
  9. The Eid special shows – Every channel has one. Anchors, TV personalities, film actors, singers; they are all on TV competing to make the biggest fools out of themselves. This is not so much an ‘Eid love’, but more of an addictive time waste.
  10. The Food – Last but not least, who can forget the oh, so delicious food! This Eid one of my mumanis made biryani, nihari, papita qeema, kalayji, bihari chicken boti… And that was just the dinner on the first day of Eid!!

What else could one want at Eid?! Great atmosphere, lovely family, amazing food, all in our beloved homeland of Pakistan!

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