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5 Key Milestones Achieved By Pakistan In 2015

The year 2015 proved to be a game changer for Pakistan in several aspects. Although it would be ignorant to forget major critical problems related to governance, economic growth and the general law and order situation in the country, it is important that important feats be acknowledged. And not just any accomplishments; the 5 selected achievements I have highlighted below are milestones in themselves. I say this not out of

Cricout – The Cricket Lovers’ Social Network

What’s better than a social network? A social network dedicated to a specific interest, where you can socialize to your heart’s content and then some, around something you just love. What is it that we love as individuals as well as a nation? If you were thinking political scandals and vain gossiping, you’re very close but not quite there. We all love cricket of course!! Cricket is one thing that

Will Pakistan Premier League be Successful in Bringing Back International Cricket Home?

It happened about 35 years ago and changed the game forever.  The world of cricket owes a huge debt to Kerr y Packer for launching the World Series Cricket.  He brought the yet unknown elements like loads of money and fan-fare to bring the excitement back in the game.  Then, in 2008, Indian Premier League (IPL) did the same and more.  This new face of cricket had obscene amount of

Fazal Mahmood: The First Superstar of Pakistan Cricket

They were only four years old [in Test cricket] but they managed what no other cricket playing nation had ever done.  They beat the English in their first test series on their own soil. Pakistan has witnessed several magical moments in its cricket history (who could forget the unbelievable six by Javed Miandad in Sharjah?), but the Oval test 1954 was where the magic first happened and Fazal Mahmood was

Pakistan Fast Bowlers – Second Fiddle

It was bright sunny day in Sharjah, I was about 10 years old (if memory serves me right) and my family and I had gone to see an India-Pakistan encounter at the Sharjah Stadium. I still remember that day vividly; Wasim and Waqar beginning the Pakistani attack, cheers all around backing their every ball. It was beautiful! Those were the days when our fast bowlers were the envy of all

The Pakistan Cricket Team Steals the Show at the 1st International Physical Disability Series

The Pakistani batsman hammered a fantastic 136 off only 105 balls with 19 fours and one six, while his partner pounded the English from the other end and scored 113 off 110 balls with 12 fours.  But wait! These aren’t your regular stars of international cricket; one of them is without his left foot and the other without the right hand.  Pretty amazing! Isn’t it? Outstanding Athleticism Despite Overwhelming Odds

Is Pakistan Bringing the Asia Cup Home?

How many of you think that Pakistan is coming home with the Asia Cup? I’m sure quite a few of you have their hands raised.  Regardless of all the negatives, at the end of the day, we all root for Pakistan.  However, before jumping to any happy endings, let’s see what the odds really are for us. The Odds of Winning Going onto the battlefield again after the disappointing one-day

The curious case of the month March in Pakistan-India encounters

Cricket doesn’t go better without encounters between Pakistan and India, the game’s most ferocious rivals. When India and Pakistan lock horns: emotions, nerves, adrenaline(s), patriotism, they all get wired up as the duo boast the most complete rivalry of the game. England-Australia clashes are emulous too but mainly confined to Test Cricket while a war between bat and ball is fought when Cricket provides Indo-Pak Episode, “Frisson, Wild and Gaga” being the

Pakistan vs England Statistical Review – Which team the Numbers favour?

Pakistan don’t keep that appealing Cricket rivalry against England as they do against India neither their matches, against England, are as awaited as of Australia but England is the Test team whom they have faced most often in Test Cricket, 71 times – the most they have played against any team,  in their history.  England, however, hold sway against them in nearly every aspect but away matches, which must give

Mind-boggling “Cricket World Records” by Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket have suffered some major “lows” in last 6 years due to their certain acts but they are like a vagabond who irritates the street with his loud and notorious acts yet, once he is not around, a part of you always miss him. They truly have been a soul of this game. In every aspect of this game there are Pakistanis who keep the blood running in heart of Cricket.