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Pepsi transforms a cricket pitch into a pinball cricket game along with Shoaib Malik

No surprises. Pepsi does it again. Cricket runs in the blood of Pakistanis. So does Pepsi. Shoaib Malik is an idol to a number of Pakistanis. And what did Pepsi do? They brought everyone on a single platform along with an advanced 3D technology. What happens next? A cricket pitch is twisted from a normal to a pinball cricket game – thanks largely to Pepsi and Shoaib Malik. You must

Why Only Kaneria and Shoaib Malik?

OK, guys. This is going to be one those rants where I may end up stepping on some sensitive toes. I’ve tried to control myself, but I must get this off my chest! Today I’m going to discuss the ongoing integrity committee scanner currently pointed at Danish Kaneria and Mr. Sania Mirza…..Oh! I mean Shoaib Malik. As you guys might have heard by now, the former Pakistan team captain and