Amongst the hustle and bustle of being a megalopolis, Karachi is also known for the sandy shores that it offers to its residents and visitors. The development of infrastructure along the various beaches of Karachi has made this gift of nature more valuable than ever before. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Karachiite or a guest to the city, the diversity of sand, water and even wildlife on the different beaches must not be missed out on.

Here’s a list of the more popular beaches in Karachi and what they have to offer. Wherever you go, make sure you arm yourself with sunscreen, a towel, change of clothes and prepare to get wet!

Clifton Beach

The most accessible beach of Karachi, Clifton Beach was once an oasis of silver sand in a hot and humid city. Even after the oil spill in 2003 the beach remains a hub for those who enjoy the cool water and happening beach life.  A number of restaurants have opened up on the beachfront and to this day it remains a popular destination for the evenings and weekends.

Devils Point

Located to the East of Clifton Beach, Devils Point has now become a popular place for eating out while enjoying the view of the ocean. Its rocky beach has been used by entrepreneurs to open up the ‘Defence Corniche’, which hosts numerous restaurants with an awesome environment. Though not suitable for swimming, this beach is still an ideal place to get away from the city and enjoy nature. If you’re really fortunate, you might just spot a few dolphins or turtles swimming in the area.

Sands Pit

Southwest of Karachi is Sands Pit beach which boasts unique sand and rock formations. The waters are generally calm, except for during monsoon season. The beach is usually full on Sundays and quite busy on weekends. Numerous company and personal huts line the beach, a few which are open for rent on a day to day basis. The shallow water makes it a great place for swimming. You’ll probably see various crabs and fish being sold fresh by the fishermen in the area.

Hawkes Bay

To the west of Sands Pit lies Hawkes Bay. Because it is slightly further away it tends to be less crowded than Sands Pit Beach. Again, this beach usually has shallow, calm water which is great for swimming. During spring time, the water is clearer than Sands Pit and you can sometimes see schools of fish swimming at your feet. Definitely a rare treat but one worth waiting for!


Further West of Hub lies Gadani Beach. Not the usual sand and water combination, Gadani is actually the centre of a Shipbreaking industry. The shipbreaking yard of Gadani is one of the largest in the world. Ships are deliberately run aground and completely scrapped in this area.

Cape Mount

Also known as Cape Monze, this beach is located near the Hub River and Gadani Beach. There is a long staircase which is used to access the smooth sandy beach and calm waters. Photos of this beach make it seem like a getaway in another country. It’s definitely worth the effort to go there!

Paradise Point

The focal point of Paradise Point is a naturally carved archway of rock. Over the centuries, the water has pounded the cliff forming an arch which can be approached when the tide is low. The exhilarating experience is topped off with seaside restaurants along with horse and camel rides.

French Beach

Roughly halfway between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point lies the affluent French Beach. Due to the privacy it offers by its boundary walls and select group of hut owners it’s a popular spot for foreigners and locals alike. It’s a relatively rocky beach with sensational waves to be enjoyed.

Manora Island Beach

Manora Island is connected to the mainland via Sands Pit. It is the home of the tallest lighthouse in Pakistan and is a popular picnic spot for families. With long and sandy beaches, this is a great spot for those looking for a small adventure.

Have we missed out on your favourite beach spot? Share your Karachi beach adventures below!