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How to Make Creative, Cute and Even Beautiful Bookmarks for Bookworms

For someone who loves reading books, a bookmark is essential to keep. Now people have all sorts of ways to keep a reminder where they left once reading. Some choose to fold the corner of the page (which leaves the book “dog-eared”), while others leave stationery inside just in case they forget. You can make your very own bookmark with the help of just a few items like chart paper,

Wild Pakistan – The Adventurous Side of The Country

Other than the various adventures that the politics of the country seems to be constantly experiencing, Pakistan offers a good number of very cool sports that both locals and tourists are welcome to enjoy. These adventurous sports start from the very coasts of the country in the south, to the magnificent mountainous peaks in the north. The sights and experiences that one can experience are absolutely limitless! Safaris Most Pakistanis