New females stars to emerge in stand up comedy: Khawatoons to launch in Karachi soon

Women have been breaking barriers all across and their zest to achieve success is remarkable. Pakistani women particularly have been giving us surprises lately; be it climbing highest peaks in the world or securing Oscars for the country. You name it and they have achieved it all! A new genre which has been untapped by this energetic gender is stand up comedy. It has been dominated and ruled by seasoned

You know you’re a Slacktivist when…

Do your fingers itch and reach for a keyboard or tab every time you hear the words “funding”, “strategy” or “immorality” mentioned anywhere, in any context whatsoever, but with the distinct potential of sparking a debate? Well, congratulations! You’re part of a (unfortunately) fast growing breed of Slactivists. Slacker and activist? It’s never been so easy. Some signs you’re definitely part of the clan: 1. You know all too well the burger

You Know You Attended School in Pakistan When…

Primary school is like the golden period everyone looks fondly back on; of course, all virtue of significant memory loss and the long stretch of time smoothing things over until only the pleasant moments remain. Schools in Pakistan and the enduring memories in our minds aren’t much different. You know you went to school here when… 1. You had a uniform, and it was hideous 2. Group projects were either

The 14 Struggles of Having Guests Over

Hospitality is an extremely important part of Pakistani society and culture, and oh how you wish it weren’t! Every time you’re due to have some guests over, certain struggles ensue to make your antisocial self hate people more, if that’s even possible. Below are just a few of the events that occur when company decides to show up: 1. You’ll try your best to slip out of sight 2. You will invariably

16 signs you’re doing Eid right

1. Day off! Read: week off!  2. Your outfit of the day is on point 3. You extract cash for simply existing Seriously, bring out the dough. 4. And some of that dough goes to charity too Time to do good unto the universe! 5. All diet plans go out the window 6. And the menu is limited to the good stuff 7. It’s diabetes galore But does it matter? 8.

You know it’s Ramazan when…

1. You mentally claim half the food on the table And then get mad when someone steals the last of your paneer pakoras. 2. Gluttony you say? But can you really blame me? 3. You also remember to stuff yourself at Sehri And drink enough water to house a couple of fish. 4. While everyone around you is suddenly a dietary expert Magical thirst-preventing yogurt and filling fiber! Should I be writing these