In a recent development, Canada has stepped in to join hands with one of the provinces of Pakistan, Balochistan in setting up solar plants in different parts across the region.

An agreement between the Governments of Canada and Balochistan was signed in which Canada will set up 1000 MW solar parts in different parts of the province.

Balochistan province has the right to utilize its constitutional powers under the 18th Amendment and by taking full advantage of it, the provincial government held direct talks with the government of Canada for the investment in the energy sector in the region.

The contract was signed by Chief Secretary, Saifullah Chattah with the Canadian officials a few days back in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, according to the official sources.

According to the agreement that was signed between two governments, it was stated that a Canadian firm would establish 50MW solar plants in different sections of Balochistan so that the people of the province can relish the bounty of electricity.

As many as 20 locations would be chosen for setting up the solar plants, an official source stated.

The selection of the locations is not finalized yet. It would be, however, in the Balochistan Assembly after consultation with parliamentary parties who will be representing in the assembly.

A team of experts from Canada would visit Quetta soon in order to finalize the strategy for setting up solar plants.

Chief Minister of Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri, urged the Balochistan Investment Board to bring more investment in the province by playing an effective and active role. The minister also instructed the concerned authorities to execute proper planning.

Fair to say, this move will also help in building cordial relations between Pakistan and Canada. There are chances that Canada might well be tempted in to invest in other provinces of the country after the successful execution of solar plants in Balochistan.

image: bigstock