Defence production ministry spokesperson, Durya Amir said that Turkey has finalized a deal with Pakistan to buy Super Mushshak trainers. He also said that two other defense contracts between the two countries are also in the final stages.

In collaboration with Turkey, development of a fleet tanker for the Pakistan Navy has also been finalized. Durya Amir stated that:

“The deal [for Super Mushshak trainers] is in the last stages of finalization and is going to be signed very soon. Moreover, launching ceremony of the fleet tanker for the Pakistan Navy is planned for August 2016. The ceremony would be attended by dignitaries from both countries”

In a separate deal, Turkey-based Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik (STM) has won an international tender to modernize Agosta 90-B air independent propulsion (AIP) powered submarines from the Pakistani Naval Forces. The Agosta 90-B is a diesel-electric attack submarine.

There is no doubt that the aforementioned contracts will only enhance existing defense ties between Pakistan and Turkey.

About Super Mushshak

The Pakistan Air Force (PAC) Super Mushshak is a more advanced, upgraded variant of the MFI-17 Mushshak basic trainer. It was designed by and is being manufactured at the Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC).

The aircraft has a service ceiling of 22,000 feet. It has a maximum speed of 268 kilometers per hour. The expected range of the aircraft is 814 kilometers. Flight training is also provided to the emerging pilots on the aircraft at basic level.

Many nations expressed their interest in the aircraft when Super Mushkak aircraft was put for static as well as aerial exhibition in the Dubai Air Show last year.

Super Mushshak is in service with other countries

Super Mushshak is currently in service with 6 countries. Qatar was the last one to sign a deal with Pakistan where they bought the trainers last month. Furthermore, Nigeria signed the deal and got hold of the aircraft in the early 2016. The aircraft is already in service with Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran and South Africa.

Image: Pakistan Air Force