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The Talk Show Culture Has Degenerated Pakistan’s Domestic Discourse

Talk shows. They’re everywhere. Every channel in every country has them. Some are controversial, others are world renowned and some are plain lousy. Pakistan too has hundreds of talk shows broadcast on Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Brahvi and Punjabi channels. There are also talk shows on the English language PTV World. A broad categorization of talk show subjects is as follows: • National politics • National security and diplomacy • Economy

Pakistan Should Effectively Use The Media As A ‘Soft Power’

The post 9/11 world is defined by mastery of deception, propaganda or what most call the mastery of narrative projection. Whoever achieves dominance of a particular incident through manipulative views and opinions wins the race. We have long seen how mass media has been used as a “soft power” tool to influence opinions in favor of, or against, a specified entity. In an insightful report for Robert Bosch Stiftung, ‘How

Mass media promotes desensitization

Beheadings, mutilations, horrific executions; these are just some of the examples related to blood, gore and violence which global media likes to exploit time and again to attain maximum viewer ratings. Naturally, the more the ratings, the more sponsors a channel will get during regular airtime. For media owners, the smell of fresh money signals the dawn of an all-time high in competitive market standing. In Pakistan, state-owned Pakistan Television

Pakistani Journalists, “Mediagate” and Treason

I believe it was the early 2000’s when we first heard of free media in Pakistan. The credit went to the then President, Mr. Musharraf who liberalized the industry. Ironically the same media played a humungous role in his own down fall. Back then there was a kind of jubilation and everybody felt very lucky. Pakistanis now had a new and very potent platform to express their views and project