Diving off the Coast of Pakistan

The coast of Pakistan offers scuba divers and snorkelers an awesome insight into the life of underwater creatures. From the coast of Karachi to Gawadar, there are numerous sites which are well known for the experience that they offer to those who are willing to experience the unique adventure. A number of recognized organizations are established in the country which can give both beginner and experienced divers a memorable ocean

Mohenjo-Daro: An Adventurous Look into Pakistan’s Past

The historical site of Mohenjo-daro is a magnificent look into the ancient Indus Valley Civilization (also known as the IVC). Mohenjo-Daro, which translates to ‘Mount of the Dead’ in Sindhi, was built in 2600 BC. The people of Mohenjo-daro inhabited the Earth at the same time as the ancient Egyptians. The Buildings The city is a fascinating insight into the brilliance of the IVC for their time. The entire city

Analyzing Tourism in Pakistan

Without a sliver of doubt, Pakistan is indeed one of the most naturally beautiful and breathtaking regions in the world. With main attractions like the Mohenjo-daro, Harappa, Taxila sites along with Himalayan hill stores, mountain peaks going beyond 7000 miles, ancient architecture in Chitral and Hunza valleys, imposing domes of mosques in Lahore and Multan, the intriguing civilization of the Kalash people, the site of battle by Alexander The Great

Wild Pakistan – The Adventurous Side of The Country

Other than the various adventures that the politics of the country seems to be constantly experiencing, Pakistan offers a good number of very cool sports that both locals and tourists are welcome to enjoy. These adventurous sports start from the very coasts of the country in the south, to the magnificent mountainous peaks in the north. The sights and experiences that one can experience are absolutely limitless! Safaris Most Pakistanis

The Magnificent Beauty of Pakistan

This post features another set of breathtaking pictures from Pakistan worth visiting. Enjoy another collection of Pakistan places with and share this amazing country’s sights with the the rest of the world! Famous Rakaposhi peak in Nagar State. Photo by Muzaffar Bukhari Boating in Lake Saif-ul Muluk Photo by The Himalayan Nomad Photo by Muzaffar Bukhari Photo by Muzaffar Bukhari Photo by Muzaffar Bukhari Photo by Muzaffar Bukhari Siri

Why You Need to Visit Pakistan’s Khewra Salt Mines

Pakistan is a country of hidden tourism spots. The Khewra Salt Mines are one of the more popular treats that the country has to offer to both local and foreign visitors. Located in Khewra, in the Jhelum District of Punjab, the salt mines attract over 40,000 visitors a year. They are the second largest salt mines in the world and the oldest in all of Asia. About the Tour A

New 7 Wonders of the World

The Official New 7 Wonders of the World have been elected by more than 100 million votes to represent global heritage throughout history. The listing is in random order, as announced at the Declaration Ceremony on 07.07.07. The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá (before 800 A.D.) Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Chichen Itza once served as the political and economic center of Mayan civilization. The city housed masterpieces like the Temple of Chac

Historical Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to many significant historical sites that reflect the traditions and customs of times past.  Although historical sites are of special interest to archaeologists and history students, tourists enjoy visiting these interesting places as well.  The fascinating cultures and beautiful scenery lure countless visitors each year. Harappa Located about 200 km from Lahore in the Montgomery District of Punjab, Harappa is the site of an important ancient settlement

Pakistan the Beautiful: Part Three

Pakistan- the land of a thousand beautiful places. We have prepared another post about Pakistan landscapes thanks to photographer Imran Schah who was so kind to share his amazing photos of Pakistan with Enjoy the beauty and share it with the world. If you have photos that you think should be featured on our website, please let us know and we’ll get in touch! A snow-clad peak of Hindu

National Monuments of Pakistan: Part Two

I recently did a post titled National Monuments of Pakistan. Today I am going to feature some other monuments from Pakistan. Each country has it’s beautiful monuments and structures that reflect its history and development over the years. Pakistan is one of those few lucky countries where every mosque is a true piece of art worth admiration. With lots of beautiful forts and spectacular gardens, Pakistan is a dream for