One of the greatest and most exhilarating treks that one can undertake is the one to the K2 Base Camp and Concordia. The trek has scenery that takes your breath away and dangers that can take your life away, in a deadly second.

Yes, this is no walk in the park. It is an extremely arduous and demanding trek, but the journey and sense of achievement upon completing it is unparalleled.

The Trek Begins!

The trekkers start with a flight to Skardu from Islamabad, unless of course the weather doesn’t permit; in which case one would need to drive to Skardu. The flight to Skardu provides a beautiful view of the Karakoram mountain range, including Nanga Parbat.

Skardu is the capital of the Baltistan area of Pakistan. From here the trekkers have to cross Shigar valley, which is a green and fertile drive up to Askole.

The trekkers then walk on foot up to the Baltoro glacier. Here you get to see the Trango Towers, Masherbrum, K2, Broad Peak and lots of other peaks.

The walk further up the Baltoro Glacier is extremely hazardous, but the view is to die for. After a long trek you finally arrive at Concordia. This is the intersection of Baltoro and Godwin Austin Glaciers. It is also the place that is used as a base for the four goliaths of the Karakorum:

  • Hidden Peak or Gasherbrum I (8068m)
  • Gasherbrum II (8035m)
  • Broad Peak (8047m)
  • And the ultimate mountain, K-2 (8611m)

The K2 base camp, or Concordia, has been described as the ‘Throne Room of the Mountain Gods’ because it has a beautiful and exclusive 360 degree panoramic view of the more than 7,000 meter high mountains, and an even more impressive view of K2.

It is possible that you come back the same way you took to reach Concordia or you could also return via the Ghondoghoro La, which is a technical pass situated at 5650 meters. This trek provides a nice challenge to epic enthusiasts.

This route takes you to Hushe, in the valley of Baltistan; a very picturesque place. From here you can drive back to Skardu from where you either drive or fly back to Islamabad.

The Mountain King, K2

Did you know that the K2 is only 800 feet shorter than the Everest, which everyone knows is the world tallest mountain?

However, in trekking circles K2 has a greater aura of mystery and danger. And for people who are hardcore mountaineers, the climb up this great beast is a bigger achievement than climbing up Everest due to K2’s treacherous – sometimes deadly – route.

Duration and itinerary

Treks vary in terms of days. If you want to join a group, the trek can take from 15 to 24 days depending upon the package.

A typical itinerary would look something like this (beginning in Islamabad):

  • Drive to Skardu
  • Drive to Askole
  • Trek to Korofong
  • Trek to Bardumal
  • Trek to Paiju
  • Trek to Khuburche
  • Trek to Trek to Urdukus
  • Trek to Goro II
  • Trek to Concordia
  • Trek to Ali Camp
  • Trek to Khispang over Gondogoro La
  • Trek to Siacho
  • Trek to Hushe
  • Drive to Skardu