Pakistan In And Out: Domestic And International Travel Insights – infographic

Did you know that Karachi is the most visited city of Pakistan in terms of incoming and outgoing travelers; and that, most travelers to Pakistan come from the United Kingdom. Surprising Han… Take a look at the infographic below, produced by Jovago, and see more domestic and international travel insights of Pakistan.


Pakistani Diaspora transfer an all-time high of $60 million to mobile phones back home

Today ding* announced that $60 million of airtime has been transferred to Pakistan since the company’s launch in to the market, making the nation one of the world’s highest receivers of international mobile top-up. With mobile phones playing an increasingly large role in education, banking and productivity, it come as little surprise that Pakistani migrants are moving towards international mobile top-up as the preferred form of remittance. Since the company’s first partnership with Ufone in 2008, ding* has seen the


Need for a National Cyber Security Strategy in Pakistan

Several countries around the world, including less-developed ones, understand the significance of Cyberspace; it is often dubbed as the “fifth” war-fighting domain after Land, Sea, Air, and Space. Owing to rapid advances in information and communications technologies, nation states are integrating their critical infrastructure with organizational processes in a bid to make them more efficient. With the passage of time, more and more countries are “digitizing” their national assets; these include the electronic filing of records in various government ministries,


Pakistan Is A Divine Commandment

The following is a concise English translation of an Urdu column by Allama Abul Imtiaz Ain Seen Muslim for Daily Nawa-i-Waqt dated January 21, 2012. ****** There is sufficient evidence to prove that Pakistan owes its very existence to Divine Commandment. That 15 million Muslims from oppressed Muslim societies in India united together on one platform raising one demand (attaining Pakistan) is proof enough that Allah wants to employ Pakistan for a special undertaking to let Deen (Islam’s politico-socio-economic and