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Sweet Homeland: Wish list of an Expat

Whether you are forced to leave home in search of greener pastures, greater security or plain necessity, the homeland calls out at the oddest of times, inducing a homesickness unlike any other. Below are some of the little things a Pakistani will miss the most while living abroad; all with the potential of triggering a full-fledged cry fest.   Muslim showers So convenient, so hygienic, so very basic. Why does

Kamila Shamsie’s Finest Works

Kamila Naheed Shamsie is an acclaimed Pakistani novelist who weaves tales of great emotional complexity set against a historical backdrop, across continents and eras. Below are some of her finest works:   Salt and Saffron “How horrifying that morning when you wake up and your first thought is not of the person who has left. That’s when you know, I will never die of a broken heart.”  Salt and saffron

Volunteer Your Time, Change A Life

What do you do when you want to change the world but have only your time to offer? Below are some opportunities to better a life, even if it is just yours.   Centers for Street children There are children with few means of survival, and a bleak existence. There are two types of street children: “children of the street” are homeless and on their own while “children on the

Lakes, Lore and Legend

The northern areas of Pakistan are home to resplendent valleys and picturesque lakes, and the majesty of these is bound to get the locals’ creative juices flowing. Below are a few of the tales associated with the breathtaking lakes; some stories are mythical, others true.   Jheel Saif ul Muluk Jheel Saif ul Muluk is located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, near Naran. It is one of the

Your Guide to a Fab Pakistani Summer

If the temperature is any indication, summer is upon us. If you are feeling a little lost after all those Iftar parties and Eid festivities, and do not know what to do with your life anymore, you have come to the right place. Behold: a list of things to do to make your summer feel less redundant and more productive. Watch something No, not a masala flick at the cinema

Edhi: The Man Who Keeps on Giving

Think of the words “Philanthropy” and “Social work”, and the first agents of change to come to mind are NGOs, smiling photo ops and foreign aid. Yet it was these very things that Abdul Sattar Edhi shunned in the pursuit of his humanitarian service to mankind. Edhi lamented the money wasted in paper pushing and air conditioning high rise offices of NGOs, shied away from glitzy events and publicity, and

The Islands of Pakistan

Pakistan boasts a variety of islands off its coast, and they range from housing sandy beaches to comprising mud volcanoes. Here’s a look at some of the more prominent: Charna Island Charna Island, locally referred to as “Cheerno”, is situated at the boundary between the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. Surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Sea, it lies 9 km from the Hub river and 6 km from

Pakistan’s Transcendent Mosques

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is home to many of the finest illustrations of brilliant architecture in the world, and features the best of Mosques as well, in terms of beauty, size and history. Below is a list of some of Pakistan’s most prominent places of Muslim worship.   Mahabat Khan Mosque Mahabat Khan Mosque is located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The word “Mahabat” translates to “Awe-Inspiring” and the mosque

You know you’re a Slacktivist when…

Do your fingers itch and reach for a keyboard or tab every time you hear the words “funding”, “strategy” or “immorality” mentioned anywhere, in any context whatsoever, but with the distinct potential of sparking a debate? Well, congratulations! You’re part of a (unfortunately) fast growing breed of Slactivists. Slacker and activist? It’s never been so easy. Some signs you’re definitely part of the clan: 1. You know all too well the burger

Swat in Photos

Pakistan has many beautiful valleys to boast, and Swat stands out as one of the brightest jewel in its crown. Swat district is located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is characterized by fast rivers, faster winds and serene-looking skies. It was christened “the Switzerland of the East” by Queen Elizabeth II, and that is as apt a description as any.