Is The Iran-India Bonhomie Over?

During a routine meeting with President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet members last week, Iran’s Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei (“Imam Khamenei”) urged the Indian government to “adopt a just policy towards the noble people of Kashmir and refrain from oppressing and bullying the Muslim people” in this region. These statements have officially clarified how Tehran views New Delhi’s unilateral adventurism in the region. Not only has the eerie

Chinese Company to pick up garbage in Karachi

The citizens of Karachi can anticipate a cleaner city and get rid of some of the garbage lying openly on the streets as Sindh government has finally taken an initiative to fix this issue. The provincial government has signed a contract with a Chinese company to collect solid waste from the city. The largest metropolitan has been haunted by excessive waste which has been contaminating the city for many years.

Pakistani activist Jibran Nasir’s campaign for Kashmiris goes viral

For the past few weeks, Indian held Kashmir is entangled in a profound state of war. Following the death of Kashmiri rebel leader, Burhan Wani on 8th July 2016, around 50 civilians have been killed. Subsequently, the world doesn’t know about it. Amid all this, Pakistani social activist Muhammed Jibran Nasir has created one powerful campaign for Kashmiris that has taken the Internet world by storm. The notion of the social

Supreme Court sought Pemra, PTA answers over indecent content on TV Channels

Gone are the days when a family could enjoy a TV serial or any talk-show on Pakistani TV channels due to several reasons. One of the major reasons is obscene, abhorrent content and indecent, foul language that is being aired constantly of late. The Supreme Court of Pakistan sought comprehensive and detailed replies from Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) over airing indecent, inappropriate and objectionable

Young Pakistanis & Media: A Tale of Psychological Slavery

The cause of Pakistan’s long term sufferance at the hands of ignorant media persons is long debated and analysed. There is absolutely no doubt that the very reason Pakistanis have been subjugated for so long is, other Pakistanis. The thing that is unfortunately yet to be realised is when people turn against their own country under the influence of some twisted attention seeking tactics, they break the very system that

India Perturbed By Deployment Of Cattle Along China-Pak Economic Corridor

Reliable sources have informed Pakistan Insider that the security establishment in New Delhi is “deeply concerned” by a shocking intelligence report received from an agent in Gwadar. According to available information, one of RAW’s key agents in Balochistan successfully intercepted a security directive through which cattle will be deployed on strategic locations along the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). The bulk of them would be deployed in sensitive areas of Balochistan,

Arnab Goswami Appointed New RAW Chief

Renowned Indian investigative journalist Arnab Goswami was very secretly appointed the new chief of India’s external intelligence agency, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) in a public ceremony held near Delhi Gate late in October 2015. It was a limited gathering in which a handful of around 600 guests from all walks of life were invited, including Ajay Devgn of “Singham” fame. Talking about this coveted new appointment, an anonymous official

Major Hajj Disasters Over the Years

This year’s Hajj has seen one of the worst tragedies to ever hit the annual congregation that we Muslims make. First, there was the crane incident, where a construction crane collapsed on praying Muslims in the Grand mosque itself, killing around a 100 people and injuring many more. Then there was the horrendous stampede at Mina, just meters away from the Jamarat, where pilgrims throw stones in remembrance of Prophet

Great Indian Fallacy

For its immediate neighbours India is not as shinning as it is to the world. It is vicious, expansionist and nothing less than a fascist Mussolini Italian state or a Hitler’s Nazi Germany, with only slight difference of having policies complemented by an ambitiously and tactfully driven international diplomacy.  India’s highly magnified bitterness towards Pakistan may not be enough to define that country’s neighbourhood relations as it is encircled by