Say NO to lawn brands; Women unite against price hikes

When the holy month of Ramadan approaches especially in our part of the world, the prices of commodities shoot up and it nearly touches the sky with the entire hike in the price. It makes life extremely difficult for people who are on daily wages to make ends meet. While western countries offer sale on the merchandises in the month of Ramadan, Pakistan doubles the prices as most of vendors

Pakistani Wedding Season – Its Here!

The craze has begun people! No, not the “azaadi” craze or the “inqalaab” craze. Those are just passing fads. This is a craze to surpass all crazes! It’s the Pakistani Wedding Craze!! Every Pappu, Raju and Munni knows that the wedding season in Pakistan begins by the mid of October and continues till mid-March. In these 5 months you won’t find a hall or lawn empty i.e. unless you have

Singers, Actors and now Pakistani Fashion Designers Cross the Border

For years we have seen Indian culture mercilessly being imported into Pakistan. First it was through their movies and music, and this was followed by their drama serials. There was also a brief period where Indian fashion and their designers were starting to influence our Pakistani fashion sense. Slowly but gradually times are changing. First it was our singers that broke the trend and made their mark across the border.

Top Lawn Brands in Pakistan

The women of Pakistan are well-acquainted with the love and craze of lawn prints come spring and summer. The new collections for these seasons are always widely and eagerly looked forward to each year, and designers work hard to please their ever growing clientele. This time it was no different Below is a list of some of the lawn brands whose Summer collections have been commended in 2014. Sana Safinaz

Pakistani Fashion Trends 2013: What to Wear This Summer

The color of the year is Emerald if the designers and current trends are to be believed. The shade is perfect for 2013 with its fresh look, earthly vibe and oh-so-strong a link to summer. The color will soon be seen ruling wardrobes in the forms of dresses, scarves, bags and more. Blue is also going to be dominating trends this year both at home and abroad as hues ranging

A Look back into the 2011 Lawn Exhibition Frenzy

Summer 2011 brought with it an absolute craze for designer lawn exhibitions. Though mostly huge in Karachi due to the longer summers, lawn exhibitions were the place to be seen throughout the entire country. Whether it was the sheer number of people who attended these events or lack of planning on the organizers part, the exhibitions were a pairing of chic design and relative chaos. The Exhibitions The launch of

The Art Culture of Pakistan

Culture in Pakistan dates back to more than 5,000 years to the period of the Indus civilization.  Also called the Indus Valley or Harappan civilization, Indus was the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent.  The emphasis on the Islamic religion has brought about a strong romantic identification with Islamic culture in Pakistan. Traditionally, literature – most notably poetry – has been one of the richest forms of art